EBF Quest

Do you want to be involved with the quality of your study?

Quest is a foundation affiliated with the EBF, which tries to improve the quality of education of the study programmes of the Faculty of Economics & Business. One of the main channels through which they try to do this is by facilitating the faculty’s student representatives.


Quest is a foundation which tries to improve the quality of education of the study programmes of the Faculty of Economics & Business. One of the main channels through which it tries to do this is by facilitating the faculty’s student representatives. Quest’s main goals are to make the faculty’s study programmes as prestigious as possible and to improve to contact between the faculty and the students. After receiving the AACSB accreditation the faculty already belongs to the top 10 percent best business schools worldwide. However, there are always things that can be improved. By pursuing the previously mentioned goals, Quest hopes to help raising the faculty to an even higher level.

The Year Representative committees consist of 4-5 students from the same study year, who get together in a meeting 3 to 4 times a year after each block to evaluate the courses they attended.
At these meetings, which take approximately 1,5 hours, both a board member of Quest and the programme director or –coordinator of that study programme will be present. During these meetings, the YR students are asked to give their opinion about the courses, the lectures, the use of Nestor, the books, the teachers and the exams.

Programme Committees consist of both students and staff members of a study programme. Half of the members are staff and the other half are students from different years of the specific study programme.
The Programme Committees meet 3 to 4 times a year, after the end of each block, to evaluate the implementation of the Teaching and Examination Regulations.

For this academic year Quest is still looking for some new Year Representatives for programs of the Faculty of Economics & Business. Please visit the website to get an overview of the current vacancies or send a mail to info@questgroningen.nl

A Board year at the EBF, why? Easy. Because this year will be best time of your life. Not only because of the beers and ‘bitterballen’, but also because you will challenge yourself and your test your limits.

I speak from experience, in 2011-2012 I was a Board member of JFV Groningen. It was like being part of a really enthusiastic group managing our own business. You’ll be thrown in the deep end, challenged, criticized and once more you will be challenged by stepping out of your comfort zone. This means you’ll get to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, but also the characteristics of your fellow board members. There might be no better ‘taste of the working life’ then being in the EBF Board for a year.

This is exactly the reason why employers value students who have gained practical experience where you have been challenged to develop yourself on a personal level. A board year is one of those experiences. The fact that you can grasp to a specific position in your team shows a lot of determination. Next to this you can prove how you use your theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. Do not underestimate the responsibilities that come with a large study association such as the EBF. You carry a large set of responsibilities for a massive amount of members, committees, partner companies and more stakeholders. Hereby you will build a vivid network from which you will reap the benefits for the rest of your life. By engaging in a Board year you will get in touch with a lot of companies which also shows you what specific field or branch attracts your interest.

At the moment I work for ING as a Campus Recruiter and still every day I benefit from these experiences that I have gained during my board year, now I use these in a large and professional corporation. ‘You take it on and make it happen’ is an important value within ING. Entrepreneurship and creativity are being rewarded greatly and engaging in a board year within the EBF offer you the possibility to show this entrepreneurial mindset and how you are able to carry a lot of responsibilities.

“Last but not least: I have gained a group of fantastic friends which I still speak on a weekly basis. Thus there is no doubt that you should grasp this opportunity with both hands!”

Lieke van Geelen
Employee Journey Advisor – Campus Recruiter
HR/People Services/Talent Acquisition