ESR | Prague

ESR PRAGUE: Join for an amazing week full of companies, culture and clubs!

Prague: City of a Hundred Spires, a UNESCO monument, one of the most alive cities in the world and most importantly, the destination of this spring’s European Study Research!  From the 20th until 27th of May, the European Study Research will visit this capital city of the Czech Republic to combine companies, culture and clubs in one exciting trip.

The capital city of Prague has a unique position within the Czech Republic as it is the economic centre of the country. Over the years, the main focus of Prague’s economy has shifted from the industrial sector to the services sector making knowledge more and more important. What is the reason for this? And what are the implications for existing firms? How are firms adapting to this rapidly changing environment? That is for YOU to find out!

In the weeks prior to the trip we will delve into these questions and conduct research on the topic “New Economy: From Industry to Knowledge”.  During the trip itself we will visit several, varying from large, multinational to local companies. However, besides these visits, we will also explore the extensive cultural beauties that Prague has to offer and have plenty of time to taste the best beer in Europe. The cost of joining this amazing trip will only be €175,-, which includes the plane ticket, accommodation and transportation during our stay.

The European Study Research to Prague offers you great opportunities to broaden your horizon and learn a lot in addition to your studies. You will have an amazing opportunity to develop your researching skills by conducting research and visiting companies located in Prague. Furthermore, you will be exploring a beautiful city full of cultural heritage with an extensive nightlife. The preparation phase will include 7 weekly lectures, dinners and socials and an introduction dinner. After we have returned from our trip, there will be 2 more lectures, dinners and socials. We will conclude the project with an end dinner and social.

If you want to join this amazing trip, don’t hesitate and apply now! You can do this by filling out the application form on this website. The application deadline is the 26th of February, 23:59h

If you have a question about the ESR trip send us an email: