Welcome to MC SIM, student organisation of the Strategic Innovation Management master. We connect pleasure, hard work and business in the organising both formal and informal activities and events for our students. As we find that SIM students typically live by a work hard, play hard attitude, we have made it our personal ambition to support them as much as possible in achieving this. 

Through socials, newsletters, fun activities, in-house days, career and skills workshops it is our aim to provide the best possible master year and future (job) opportunities by bringing student and companies together.

MC SIM Board

Upcoming Activities

17th of May - SIM Seminar KPMG

Mart Beune will present a SIM Seminar about his position and role at KPMG.

19th of May: Inhouseday AS Watson

Apply here!

23th of May: Simon Kucher & Partners Consultancy Training

Together with Master Communities IE&B, IB&M, we organize a consultancy training executed by Simon Kucher & Partners. In this training named 'Problem definition & structuring' you will learn to approach a problem in the way that consultants do! Apply here!

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