Student Business Battle

General Information

Poster Final siteAre you a 3rd year Bachelor or Master student and ready to compete nationwide? Then this is your opportunity to show off your skills against students from three other study associations! The Student Business Battle is an event organised by the four biggest study associations from the Netherlands. Last year, students got the chance to show their skills to Delta Lloyd and EY during a custom made management game at a location in Amsterdam.

This event takes place at the 12th of May and is open for international students.

Together with 14 other FEB students you will show the employers you are better than your fellow students from Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The management simulation consists of multiple rounds where you manage a company and get new information every round that you have to take into account. You will get a particular role within the company, for example CEO or CFO. At the same time, you have to work with your team to win the game. H&M can evaluate you on both personal as team level, an extra challenge for you!

Game Setup

When participating in the Student Business Battle (SBB), students will be playing a simulated, Online Business Game, that has been developed by Edumundo. Within the game, students will receive one of the following roles: CEO, CCO, CHRO, COO, and CFO. Next to the overall team score that will eventually determine the winning team, each role will be evaluated individually, which can create a conflict between the interests of the individual and of the company. They will have to make strategic, tactical, and operational decisions for different locations at different points in time. More specifically, they have to make decisions regarding R&D, Purchasing, Production & Logistics, Marketing & Sales, Finance, and HR.

During the simulation, the teams will receive different e-mails containing both relevant and irrelevant information, stimulating them to anticipate at different events. After each round in the game, the teams will receive feedback based on their performance.

More information?

If you have any question regarding the Student Business Battle, contact Anne Alsem at:

050 363 7143
(06 163 51 686)

Location and Date

The next Student Business Battle will take place on the 12th of May 2016.

Sign up now via before the 27th of April and upload your cv!