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Focus Points


The EBF organises Business Class lectures, Eye on's, Leadership Panels, and the largest two day student conference of the Netherlands. All of these activities offer interesting insights next to your studies.


The EBF organises career days and other recruitment activities, which will provide students with an excellent opportunity to get in contact with business professionals.


Being a member of the EBF starts in the first week of your studies by joining the Introduction Weekend. Furthermore, the EBF organises monthly socials for you to get to know your fellow members!


The EBF organises a European Study Research, an International Business Research and a Freshmen Trip. Next to that, the EBF enhances the international learning experiences of its members and encourages the interaction between domestic and international students.

Who we are

The Economics and Business Faculty association (EBF) is the faculty association for all students studying at the faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. The EBF is your partner during your time in Groningen by organising events that support you with your studies and help you prepare for your future career.

The EBF has evolved from a fusion between the Economic Faculty Association (founded in 1948) and the Business Faculty Association (founded in 1979). Both associations officially merged on the 1st of August in 2007. The process of this fusion started when in 2005 the Faculty of Economics and Business announced their fusion. Their target groups became more and more alike as well as the target groups of the Faculty Associations. Many activities were organised together and the rest of the activities being organised had a 80% overlap, therefore a fusion was a logical step.




The EBF provides FEB students a professional platform where they can develop themselves in both their study and career on a personal level.


Inspire, empower and prepare all FEB students for their future career by enriching their study time.


The EBF provides services to make studying easier and offers inspiring academic insights.


The EBF stimulates and facilitate contact between students and companies to prepare students for their career.


The EBF enhances the international learning experiences of its members and encourage the interaction between domestic and international students.


The EBF creates a social network by stimulating contact between its members

The EBF has four sub-associations to further improve the service offered to specific areas of the curriculum. These sub-associations organise activities that are aimed specifically at their target group.


Marketing Association Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


Financial Study Association Groningen


The study association for Technology Management, Supply Chain Management and Technology & Operations Management


The study association for Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial studies

The Board of Advice consist of people who are experienced in business and/or politics and advises the association about the area of there specialism every year.

Since 1 September 2007 the Board of Advice is composed as follows:

Dhr. P.G.J.M. PolmanUnilever N.V.CEO 

HH Prince Maurits van

The Source B.V. 
Drs. L.P.E.M. van den BoomPark Corporate Finance B. 
Drs. M.T.G. KahmannHerdis: gedoereductie en inspiratieManaging 
 Pentascope Groep B.V.Ex Marketing, communication and commerce Pentascope
Mevr. prof.mr.dr. E.M. KneppersHeijnertEerste Kamer der Staten GeneraalMember of VVD-parliamentary 
 Rijksuniversiteit GroningenProfessor Law at the Faculty of Economics and 
Drs. J. LantinkNwq Innovaties B.V.Managing 
Drs. A.J. PostmaFreia Groep B.V.Managing 
Prof.dr. G.J.E.M. SandersRijksuniversiteit Groningen

Professor Organizational Science at the Faculty of Economics and Managing Director Department graduate relations & Foundation Recruitment of the Office of the 

Prof.dr. H.G. SolRijksuniversiteit GroningenDean Faculty of Economics and Business till 01-
Prof.dr. E. SterkenRijksuniversiteit GroningenRector Magnificus University of 

Personal Development

Active EBF Members are those EBF Members who take place in an EBF Committee. As an active member you will receive the opportunity to develop a strong set of management skills, networking skills and (international) life experience. By joining one of our 26 committees, you will improve your chances on the labour market, while having fun at the same time. Each committee is responsible for one of the activities the EBF offers, and consists of several positions in which you will gain specific knowledge and experience that belong to your position. Your professional career is closer than it looks, apply now and start developing yourself in September or February. All in all, this is the time when you develop yourself both as a student and as a person for a successful future!

For more information go to 'EBF Recruitment' or click here.

Active member package

  • Develop yourself professionally
  • Come in contact with fellow students and expand your business network
  • Benefit from different development courses
  • Experience the many unique internal socials
  • Get in contact with a broad range of well-known companies
  • Get access to an active member place to work and chill-out