Academy Committee Recruitment

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The Academy Committee is responsible for the study services offered by the EBF. This means that you will organise the EBF Booksale four times a year, manage the sale of the summaries, help with bachelor ceremonies and write articles for FEBtastic Students on Nestor.

Next to that, the Academy Committee is responsible for organising the EBF/CS Business Academy. This is an event for ambitious students which takes place in January 2019. The event will consist of field trips, speakers and a case. By organising this event you will gain experience in contacting speakers and companies.

The Academy Committee is, with its diverse tasks, one of the largest committees of the EBF and therefore a very good way to meet new people and have great committee evenings. Additionally it is a very instructive challenge to organise a broadening event and to make sure your fellow students can study effectively.

Internationals are welcome to apply

“Becoming an active EBF member has definitely been one of the best decisions I made while studying at the University of Groningen! As Academy Committee member you share responsibility for study services offered by the EBF and it was amazing to be involved in organising the EBF Booksales, managing the sale of the summaries and facilitating the EBF study weeks. Being part of this committee gave me the opportunity to work together with others to contribute to pursuing goals which are of value to all students of the Economic and Business Faculty. During my year at this committee I learned a lot and in the process my enthusiasm for the EBF only grew bigger. The Academy Committee enabled me to develop both social and professional skills and broadened my study experience, while having great times, enjoyable meetings and memorable EBF socials and parties with my incredible committee members!”

- Maica Sophia van der Most, Chairman Academy Committee 2016-2017

– Has a supporting and facilitating role,
– Is responsible for general coordination,
– Is responsible for the schedule of the EBF Shop.

Summaries Shop manager / Treasurer
– Is responsible for the EBF Shop and the availability of summaries,
– Is responsible for the budget of the shop and the event.

– Is responsible for contacting companies for the event.

– Promotes the EBF Book Sale, summaries and academy,
– Is responsible for the design of the posters and flyers,
– Is responsible for the promotion of the event,
– Is responsible for writing articles for FEBtastic students on Nestor.

Booksale Coördinator – Bachelor / Speakers 1
– Responsible for the list of literature for the bachelor studies and checking this with the course
– Is responsible for the speakers of the event.

Booksale Coördinator – (pre)-Master / Speakers 2
– Responsible for the list of literature for the master studies and checking the list with the course
– Is responsible for the speakers of the event.

Project Officer 1 & 2
– Responsible for the day organisation of the first year EBF Booksale in block 1.1,
– Is responsible for the logistics of the event,
– Is responsible for the bachelor ceremonies.

Some functions are busier than others, the average workload is around 5-10 hours a week. In the weeks before the event, the workload will go up.

The committee continues the whole year. Half of the committee changes halfway through the year, so there is an opportunity to change function after half a year.