Anne Veenhuyzen | Chairman

Hello everyone!

My name is Anne Veenhuyzen, I’m 22 years old and originally from Berkel en Rodenrijs, a small place near Rotterdam. I can proudly say that I am the chairman of the EBF Board 2018-2019. I am really looking forward to leading EBF together with my fellow board members in the upcoming year!

Before starting this board adventure, I studied abroad in Beijing for 6 months, which was an amazing experience. Before that, I was active in EBF and MARUG. At EBF, I became active in the Introduction Committee 2016 for which we organised an introduction weekend for all freshmen of the FEB. At the MARUG I organised the Battle of Marketeers together with my committee. Both have been fun experiences from which I learned a lot. Next to this, I was a participant at ESR Prague and I am a member of Albertus Magnus.

Since I became an active member of EBF, EBF has always been a great way to develop myself, meet new people and expand my network. After studying abroad, I started looking for new challenges and learning experiences for after my bachelor and a board year at the EBF was the perfect opportunity for me. So, I am very excited to start this board adventure with my fellow board members and create unforgettable experiences at the EBF!