E-Assessment Training

Prepare yourself for your dream job!

Many companies nowadays include an E-Assessment in their application procedures. To practice for this E-Assessment, the EBF in combination with the FEB Career-Services, offers a discount on online E-Assessment Trainings by Hellotest. At Hellotest you can take E-Assessment Trainings of all the major assessment bureaus of the Netherlands. It is also possible to practice a specific element of the E-Assessment Training at Hellotest. If you do not know which assessmentbureau the company that you want to apply for uses, you can ask the employees of Hellotest and they will help you with that.

You can go to the site of Hellotest by clicking on this link: http://hellotest.nl/ebf/?utm_source=EBF

Besides the online E-Assessment training, the EBF offers an offline E-Assessment training twice a year together with the FEB Career-Services. During the training you will learn about Logical, Verbal and Numerical Reasoning. Furthermore, the training provides a broad preparation on the most commonly used types of e- assessments and will and give you useful tips and tricks to prepare yourself for your application.

The training is provided by Hellotest. The EBF and the FEB Career-Services offer you this training in Groningen, with a slightly shortened program, for free twice a year.

The date of the next E-Assessment Training will be promoted on the EBF Website and EBF Facebook when the date is set.