E-Assessment Training

Prepare yourself for your dream job!

Many companies nowadays include an assessment in their application procedures. You can train your abilities to complete these assessments successfully by following a training. EBF offers assessment trainings 2 times a year.

Below the datas of these trainings:

Friday the 8th of December
Friday the 9th of March

You can apply now for the assesment training on Friday the 9th of March from 09.00 – 15.00! The assessment training of Friday the 8th of December has already took place. This assessment will be held in Dutch.  Apply soon, spots will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis!

Some of the assessment trainings will be held in Dutch, due to the nature of the verbal and logical questions. However, the E-Assessment training taking place during the Careers Week will be held in English.

The usual price of the full-day E-assessment training (taking place in Amsterdam) is € 149,-. The EBF offers you this training in Groningen, with a slightly shortened program, for free.

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E-assessment Friday the 9th of March