EBF Board Recruitment

Do YOU want to lead the biggest association of Groningen?

A board year at the EBF means a year full new experiences and new insights. As a board member of the EBF you will gain many new experiences in one year. One year of challenges in strategic thinking, working in a team and motivating others.

As an EBF Board Member you will lead one of the largest study associations in the Netherlands. This means that you will write your own policy and have the opportunity to set up new projects and events! Besides that, you will have regular contact with companies where you can orientate yourself on the job market. The EBF has 180 active members to which you will give functional guidance and/or committee guidance. A board year is the perfect match between working on your career and still enjoying the student life! More information about writing the policy, contact with companies and the different committees you can find on this page.

A board year at the EBF is multidimensional, challenging and very informative. After your board year you can take your knowledge with you in your future career. You will experience a year you will never forget. All this makes the EBF Board the perfect beginning of your future career.

As mentioned, you can find more information on this page and the application procedure. Besides that, it is always possible to send an email to l.platvoet@ebfgroningen.nl, make an appointment with one of the EBF Board Members or come by at the EBF Board Room (5411.0046) if you would like to have more information. Do not hesitate to contact us, we love to tell you about our experiences as EBF Board Members!

To apply for a board year at the EBF you do not need any experiences within the EBF.

A board year at the EBF means that you will be dedicating a full time year to managing the association. On the 15th of April, the EBF Candidate Board will be announced. Right after the announcement the transmission period will start. At the beginning, you will mainly go to events, meetings and appointments, which takes around 10 to 15 hours a week. After this period, it will be possible to make your exams of semester 2.2. After the exams, the transmission period will intensify.

At the 1st of July, the new board will be officially installed. From that moment on you will be busy fulfilling your position as a board member for a minimum of 40 hours per week. Next to that, in the evenings there will be many activities where you will be expected as well.

During your board year you need to be enrolled at the University of Groningen. It is possible to apply for a tuition free board year. Besides, for the incurred study delay, you will receive a financial compensation.

If you fulfill the position of Chairman, Treasurer, IT & Marketing Officer, or Commercial Officer, you will guide committee members with the same position. During the start up of a committee, a meeting to provide all necessary information will be held. During this meeting the position and function specific knowledge will be discussed, questions will be answered, but they will also get to know each other. During the year you will get a lot of questions regarding your position and you will guide the committee members with the same position individually.

The EBF currently has 180 active members in 31 committees and 8 Master Communities. Every board member guides a few committees, it depends on your position which committees this will be. The board member will be present at a committee meeting every two or three weeks. As a supervisor you help the committee to start up, advise them where needed and you look after them. It depends on the committee how much time you will spend on the guidance. The guidance of the committees is a very important task of the board, which is very fun to do.

EBF Committees

Academy Committee
Active Members Committee
Activity Committee
Bachelor Communities (four different)
Commercial Committee
Consultancy Tour
Conference Day Organisation
Degree to Trainee
EBF/JFV Christmas Ball Committee (in cooperation with the JFV)
Economic Event
Entrepreneurship Committee
European Study Research Spring & Fall
International Committee
International Business Research Board (two different)
Introduction Committee
Master Communities (eight different)
Marketing Committee
Recruitment Days (in cooperation with the MARUG)
Speakers Committee

After the announcement in April, the EBF Candidate Board will be guided by the current board of the EBF, which is called the transmission period. This period will last till the summer holidays.

• The transmission period starts directly after the announcements, it is possible to make your exams of semester 2.2.
• It is possible to go on a holiday after the board has been installed. It is important to be present at the same time as your fellow board members during the summer holidays.
• During the summer holidays you will be busy with gathering knowledge and starting up your board year in about forty hours a week.

During your candidate period you will write a policy for the rest of the year, consisting of focus points and projects together with the rest of the EBF Candidate Board. Focus point are the points that you will give extra attention to during your board year. Projects are mostly connected to those focus points and are realisable during your board year. In general one (or two) board member(s) will be responsible for a project. Next to the everyday tasks, you will be busy with the future of the EBF and her long term strategy.

8th of March, 23.59PM: Hand in motivational letter, CV and a photo
14th of March: Result motivational letter and CV
17th of March, 17:00: Hand in board case
28th of March: Result first selection round
15th of April: Result second selection round and announcement EBF Candidate Board
17th, 18th and 19th of May: Policy weekend


“A board year? Do it! It is good to develop yourself besides your study. During your board year you build up a great network, you will have a lot of responsibilities, you work together intensively with a group of ambitious people, and you prepare yourself for the working life. It is definitely a pré on your resume, but besides that think of all the experiences you gain during a board year. My board year was definitely one to never forget!”

William Schrier
Campus Recruiter ING

“Having fun and developing myself personally are two goals that I always strive for. The first one has definitely been achieved during my board year. With my fellow board members, (active) members, old-board members and boards of other associations I have had a lot of fun. Besides that I have made some lasting friendships. With my own board members, but also with my predecessors and successors of my position: a close group that goes out for an evening or weekend multiple times per year, even now that some of them have already have children.

Besides that, I benefited from the experiences that I gained during my board years during my current and previous jobs, on an almost daily basis. It was the perfect environment for myself to learn how to handle and experiment with for example being responsible for a big organization and creating and carrying out a multiple year strategy. The ‘managing’ of fellow students that are voluntarily contributing to the association was also a very challenging part: mostly to determine together how the committee work could contribute to their personal development. These base principles that you will encounter during your board year, are not that different from the actual business life. To convert ideas into concrete actions with an actual deadline (you only have 1 year as a
board) is an experience that I have benefited from even recently, with the start of my new job in Poland.

Thijs Visscher
Director Strategy and Business Development AEGON Poland