EBF Board Recruitment

Are you in the new EBF Board? 

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Date: 13th of February 16.00 – 18.00

A board year at the EBF means a year full of new experiences and new insights. As a board member of the EBF you will gain a lot of experience in one year; one year of challenges in strategic thinking, working in a team and motivating of others. A board year at the EBF is multidimensional, challenging and very informative. After your board year you can take your knowledge with you in your future career. You will experience a year you will never forget!

You can find more information on this page. Besides that, it is always possible to send an email to f.petrusma@ebfgroningen.nl, make an appointment with one of the EBF Board Members or come by at the EBF Board Room (5411.0046) if you would like to have some more information. We love to tell you about our experiences as EBF Board Members! The deadline to apply is the 9th of March, 23.59.

*Fluency in Dutch is required to apply for the EBF Board.

General information

The EBF Board exists out of eight, innovative, board positions. Every week there a two meetings, one to discuss the operational side of the EBF and one to discuss the strategic policies. Most of the task differ per position, but there are always tasks where all positions have to deal with. These are tasks like EBF Policy, committee guidance and functional guidance. During the weekly meetings, the current affairs will be discussed and decisions will be taken. Next to that, also functional meetings will take place a few times during the year.

The board will be present at all activities of the EBF and also at most of the activities of the sub associations. Next to that, there will be a lot of contact with (active) members, the faculty, other boards (in Groningen and in The Netherlands) and companies.

Time management and compensation

A board year at the EBF means that you will be dedicate a full time year to managing the association. However, during this board year you need to be enrolled at the University of Groningen. On the 11th of April the EBF Candidate Board will be announced. Right after the announcement the transmission period will start. At the beginning, you will mainly go to events, meetings and appointments, which takes around 10 to 20 hours a week. After this period, it will be possible to make your exams of semester 2.2. After the exams, the transmission period will intensify.

At the beginning of July the new board will be officially installed. From that moment on you will be busy with fulfilling your position as a board member for a minimum of 40 hours per week. Next to that, in the evenings there will be a lot of activities where you will be expected as well. For the incurred study delay you will receive a financial compensation.

If you fulfill the position as Chairman, Commercial Officer, Marketing & IT Officer or Treasurer, you will guide committee members with the same position. During the start up of a committee, a meeting to provide all necessary information will be held. During this meeting the position and function specific knowledge will be discussed, questions will be answered, but they will also get to know each other. During the year you will get a lot of questions regarding your position and you will guide the committee members with the same position also individually.

The EBF has currently 180 active members in 20 committees and 6 Master Communities. Every board member guides a few committees, it depends on your position which committees this will be. The board member will be present at a committee meeting every two or three weeks. As a supervisor you help the committee to start up, advise them where needed and you look after them. It depends on the committee how much time you will spend on the guidance. The guidance of the committees is a very important task of the board, which is much fun to do.

EBF Committees

Academy Committee
Active Members Committee
Activity Committee
Commercial Committee
Consultancy Tour
EBF/JFV Christmas Ball Committee (in cooperation with the JFV)
Economic Symposium Committee
Entrepreneurship Committee
European Study Research Spring & Fall
Freshmen Committee
International Committee
International Business Research Board (two times)
Introduction Committee
Lustrum Committee (every five years)
Mastercommunities (six different)
Marketing Committee
Recruitment Days (in cooperation with the MARUG)
Speakers Committee
Winter School Committee
Women in Business Committee

Interested after reading this information? Do you recognize yourself in the descriptions and would you like to manage the EBF the upcoming year? Are you looking for an unique experience with practical experience, personal development, teamwork, strategic decision making and the guidance of committees? Accept this challenge and apply for the EBF Board 2018-2019!

The deadline for application will be Friday the 9th of March, 23:59. You can apply through sending an email to f.petrusma@ebfgroningen.nl with your CV, motivational letter and a photo. After the deadline you will hear on the 15th of March if you are selected to make the case. You will receive an email in which the case will be presented. You have a few days to make the case. After you handed in the case, we will call you to make an appointment for your first interview. The first interview will take place in the weeks after the application deadline and will be about your case and your personality. On Thursday the 29th of March you will hear whether you will be invited to the next round. If you go to the next round, you will be invited to a second interview, which will be about a specific position in the board.

On Monday the 22nd of April the new EBF Candidate Board will be be presented on the EBF Social.

Your motivation letter should include the following:

– Motivation for EBF Board
– Position preference(s), if you already know this, with a motivation
– A photo

You can send your motivation letter, CV and photo to f.petrusma@ebfgroningen.nl, directed to Femmina Petrusma.

Important data:

9th of March, 23.59PM Hand in motivational. letter, CV and a photo
15th of March, Result motivational letter and CV
18th of March, 18:00PM Hand in board case
29th of March Result first selection round
16th of April Announcement EBF Candidate Board
To be announced: Policy weekend EBF Candidate Board


After the announcement in the beginning of May, the EBF Candidate Board will be guided by the current board of the EBF, which is called the trasmission period. This period will last for the summer holidays.

Holiday planning:

During the summer holiday also the transmission period takes place. It is important that both the candidate board and current board are there at the same time. That is why we made the following agreements:
• The transmission period starts directly after the announcements, it is possible to make your exams of semester 2.2.
• It is possible to go on a holiday. Please plan your holidays after the announcement!
• During the summer holidays you will be busy with gathering knowledge and starting up your board year in about thirty hours a week.

During the summer holidays you will write a policy for the rest of the year, consisting of focuspoints and projects together with the rest of the EBF Candidate Board . Focuspoint are the points where you will give extra attention to during your boardyear. Projects are mostly connected to those focuspoints and are realisable during your boardyear. In general one (or two) boardmember(s) will be responsible for a project. Next to the everyday tasks, you will be busy with the future of the EBF and her long term strategy.

A Board year at the EBF, why? Easy. Because this year will be best time of your life. Not only because of the beers and ‘bitterballen’, but also because you will challenge yourself and your test your limits.

I speak from experience, in 2011-2012 I was a Board member of JFV Groningen. It was like being part of a really enthusiastic group managing our own business. You’ll be thrown in the deep end, challenged, criticized and once more you will be challenged by stepping out of your comfort zone. This means you’ll get to know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, but also the characteristics of your fellow board members. There might be no better ‘taste of the working life’ than being in the EBF Board for a year.

This is exactly the reason why employers value students who have gained practical experience where you have been challenged to develop yourself on a personal level. A board year is one of those experiences. The fact that you can grasp to a specific position in your team shows a lot of determination. Next to this you can prove how you use your theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. Do not underestimate the responsibilities that come with a large study association such as the EBF. You carry a large set of responsibilities for a massive amount of members, committees, partner companies and more stakeholders. Hereby you will build a vivid network from which you will reap the benefits for the rest of your life. By engaging in a Board year you will get in touch with a lot of companies which also shows you what specific field or branch attracts your interest.

At the moment I work for ING as a Campus Recruiter and still every day I benefit from these experiences that I have gained during my board year, now I use these in a large and professional corporation. ‘You take it on and make it happen’ is an important value within ING. Entrepreneurship and creativity are being rewarded greatly and engaging in a board year within the EBF offer you the possibility to show this entrepreneurial mindset and how you are able to carry a lot of responsibilities.

“Last but not least: I have gained a group of fantastic friends which I still speak on a weekly basis. Thus there is no doubt that you should grasp this opportunity with both hands!”

Lieke van Geelen
Employee Journey Advisor – Campus Recruiter
HR/People Services/Talent Acquisition