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The EBF organises the EBF Booksale for all her members with the lowest price on the market! The Booksale will be organised four times a year. The webshop opens 2 weeks before the new block and it will stay open until 2 weeks after the start of the new block. You can order your books at There you can select your year and studies, so that you can see which books you need. Note: always check if you order the correct books. The books will be delivered at home within one week if the books are in stock. To order you books at the EBF you will need an EBF Booksale account, this account is different from your general EBF Account. You can register for the EBF Booksale when you order your books. For questions about your order send an e-mail to

Please note: You can’t order books at the address of the EBF! The books will be send back immediately!

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Block 1.1: August 7th
Block 1.2: October 27th
Block 2.1: January 8th
Block 2.2: March 19th

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