Adriaan van Schaik | Treasurer

Hi. My name is Adriaan, and I’m the Treasurer of the EBF Conference Board 2018.

I was born in Utrecht and raised in Amersfoort, the most logical step for study choice would have been to go back to Utrecht and study there. However, the Economics bachelor was much better ranked in other cities. For example, in Groningen. Furthermore, as this is the student city of the Netherlands and I would gain a degree in a well-ranked Economics bachelor, I knew that  Groningen was the right choice for me. Until this day I’m still convinced that it was.

Starting in my third year of my Economics & Business Economics bachelor, I knew that I wanted to do more besides studying and in other ways than working a side job. I wanted to create something which people will talk about years after the event was organized. The EBF Conference is the perfect opportunity for me to do just that. Also, I’ve never been scared of numbers, and I’m always open for developing my skills. Therefore, the position of Treasurer attracted me: you are responsible for keeping track of the budget, and at the same time, responsible for acquiring it together with Commercial Relations. To summarize, I’m excited to be part of a group that can organize something truly memorable for all students of the FEB, and at the same time I get a chance to develop myself on all levels imaginable.