Astrid Balsink

Astrid has a strong track record in helping organizations to become more inclusive and diverse which, in today’s world, is a business imperative. Being part of Nike’s first global I&D team as well as an independent I&D consultant working with major Brands like Microsoft, Accenture and ING, she brings a wealth of experience how to evolve a culture, embracing the strengths of our differences. In her new role at Philips, Astrid will be working closely together with the businesses, markets and functions with the aim to make sustainable impact. Astrid’s greatest passion is tied to moving people and shifting paradigms. For Astrid, diversity is not an HR thing nor is it about women or people with purple earrings. Diversity is about how we -as unique individuals- can be our best self and by doing so, inspire others to do the same (#youareyou)