Caitlin Deuling | Public Relations

Hi, I am Caitlin, currently 22 years old and responsible for Public Relations this year. I was born and raised in village close to Groningen but always knew I wanted to see the world. However, after spending several months in Madrid, Spain,  I realized that Groningen was the best place to continue my education. This choice I did not regret for a second. During my bachelor I had the opportunity to go abroad to Taiwan, and continued to travel to many other amazing places in Asia. Last September I started my Master in Business administration, specializing in Strategic Innovation Management and Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Apart from travelling, I love to express myself by painting and sketching, especially those things that inspire me.

For me the EBF Conference stands for ambition, inspiration and the exploration of current trends.  This year I am excited to be in charge of the promotion of the lustrum edition of the EBF Conference, and explore my creative capabilities in a completely different way. I focus on inspiring students to come to this event, that my board members and I worked very hard to organize. I am sure that this will be one of the most challenging and exciting years of my study career, and is the best opportunity to develop myself further.

If you have any questions regarding my position or promotion opportunities, don’t hesitate to send me an email or call. I’ll be delighted to answer any of your questions!