The College Day is an integral part of the overall EBF Conference 2018 and is the first day of this big event. This day is organised to provide participants with an in depth explanation and understanding of one of the conference sub themes. This year the theme will be Blockchain: A blueprint for a new economy. By attending the College Day, participants will acquire a detailed and technical insight into Blockchain from the various angles that the individual speakers will bring to the subject. This booming technology has been gaining so much attention, yet many still do not understand how blockchain can be beneficial in the future. This is why it is essential to introduce and thoroughly explain this new world leading software platform, and why all relevant opportunities and disadvantages should come up.

The College Day will be organised for anyone interested in the field, but the focus will be on three distinct groups: students, academics and business participants. Students will attend the College Day to understand what Blockchain is and how it can be used, preparing them for the future where Blockchain could become mainstream. Academics will be interested in this topic due to its novelty and lack of scientific coverage thus far. Business participants, in particular those from smaller companies as they are less likely to have invested in this area, will see this day as an opportunity to discover the potentials of Blockchain, how it can be applied to their business, and network with other professionals over the subject.