The EBF Conference Executive Board 2019

Iris de Vries


Lyanca Hendriks

Vice-Chairman/ Theme & Speakers I

Nina Roozemond

Public Relations & Promotion

Ilva Baks

Logistics/ Theme & Speakers II

Mathijs Zwitser

Commercial Relations I

Jasper Doornbos

Treasurer & Commercial Relations II

Dhr. J.F.M.L van Boxmeer - CEO Heineken N.V.

Ir. J.M.W.E. van Loon - President-Director Royal Dutch Shell the Netherlands

Dhr. H. Schumacher - CEO Friesland Campina

Prof. dr. J.P. Pronk - Former Minister and Former Special Envoy UN

Drs. M.A. Scheltema - Member of the Supervisory Board of the Dutch Central Bank

Prof. drs. G.J. Cerfontaine - Former CEO Schiphol Group

Drs. F. Sijbesma - CEO DSM N.V.

Drs. F.A. van Houten - CEO Royal Philips

Dhr. P. E. J. Den Oudsten - Mayor of Groningen

Prof. dr. K.H.W. Knot - President of Dutch Central Bank

- Rector Magnificus University of Groningen

Dhr. P. Bommel - CEO Deloitte the Netherlands

Prof. drs. H.H.F. Wijffels - Former CEO Rabobank

Drs. R. Paas - King's Commissioner Groningen

Drs. ing. G.E.A. Smit - CTO IBM Benelux

Prof. dr. H. van Ees - Dean University College Groningen

Prof. dr. J.H. Garretsen - Former dean Faculty of Economics and Business

Drs. M. Groen- Founder and CEO - WakaWaka B.V.

Prof. dr. L.H. Hoogduin - Former Director Dutch Central Bank

Prof. dr. mr. C.J. Jepma - Scientific Director Energy Delta Institute

Drs. A.J. Postma - Managing Director Freia Group B.V

Prof. dr. H.G. Sol - Founding Dean and Professor Faculty of Economics and Business.

Prof. dr. D.A. de Waard - Professor Faculty of Economics and Business and former Accountant Partner EY

Drs. L. Zwiers - Director VNO-NCW Noord and MKB-Noord Nederland

Prof. dr. H.J. de Jong - Dean faculty of Economics and Business

Dhr. M. Beune - Senior Consultant Business Transformation & Strategy KPMG & Former Vice-Chairman 2011

Joost van den Beukel - Vice Chairman - EBF Board 2015-2016

Tijmen Oudshoorn - Vice Chairman - EBF Board 2016-2017

Leo Wijnstra - Chairman - EBF Board 2016-2017

Michiel Hilderink - Vice Chairman - EBF Board 2017-2018

Lisa Holtjer - Chairman - EBF Board 2017-2018

Irene Kools - Vice Chairman & Speakers - EBF Conference 2016-2017

Elsemiek Schulenklopper - Commercial Relations - EBF Conference 2016-2017

Eveline ten Hoor - Logistics - EBF Conference 2016-2017

Marijn Prins - Chairman - EBF Conference 2017-2018

Maurice Apeldoorn - Vice Chairman & Speakers I- EBF Conference Board 2017-2018

Adriaan van Schaik - Treasurer & Commercial Relations II - EBF Conference Board 2017-2018

Jelle Logcher - Commercial Relations I - EBF Conference Board 2017-2018

Caitlin Deuling - Public Relations - EBF Conference Board 2017-2018

Sandra Top - Logistics & Speakers II - EBF Conference Board 2017-2018

Anna Vegter - Treasurer - EBF Board 2018-2019

Fiona Schouten - Vice-Chairman EBF Board 2018-2019