EBF Conference Executive Board

Are you a motivated student and do you want to contact multinational companies, international leaders and organise two days filled with workshops and lectures from inspiring speakers? Then the EBF Conference is definitely suitable for you.

The EBF Conference in Groningen is the largest two-day student conference in the Netherlands. The event consist of two consecutive conference days, which will each have a different character. The first day will be the academic day for students, alumni and corporate participants. Professors from several universities will be invited to visit this day and share their vision, which provides insights on the theme from an academic perspective. On the second day, the conference day, more than 500 students will be welcomed. During this day, renowned speakers will give engaging lectures and share their experiences and visions. Furthermore, workshops and master classes will be provided by recruiters and senior level professionals. Examples of previous speakers are Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States; Klaas Knot, President of the Dutch National Bank; and Guy Wollaert, Senior Vice President of Coca Cola.

EBF Conference responsibilities include contacting speakers, acquiring companies and arranging the day organisation. Together with your fellow members you will have a great time organising the EBF Conference. You will gain many new experiences, make new friends and develop yourself in a professional way. You can apply for the EBF Conference Executive Board by sending your CV and motivation letter to l.platvoet@ebfgroningen.nl before Tuesday the 9th of October at 23:59.

The EBF Conference Executive Board is only for Dutch speaking students

“In October 2017, we started the preparations of the EBF Conference 2018. Together, with five other dedicated students we started on our initial task which is constructing a theme. While finalizing our theme, we also started working on finding relevant and interesting speakers. At the same time, we were also looking for partnerships with appealing companies. Throughout the whole year, we stay in touch with our speakers and partners, a truly unique experience! This year is also the first year for the EBF Conference Day Organisation to help us with organising the EBF Conference. We started with 6 people and now there are 10 people to make the best out of this year. Together with the Day Organisation, we take care of acquiring business participants, organising the start-up pitch, improve our social media and also fill the goodie bag with nice gadgets for you! You can imagine that the largest two-day student conference of the Netherlands, comes with a lot of tasks, responsibilities and also opportunities. Besides of all these organisational aspects, there is also enough time to have a great time with each other! Every Monday we had dinner together, and sometimes we mixed with other EBF committees to go to the EBF Socials with each other!
I highly recommend joining the EBF Conference since you get the opportunity to develop yourself on a professional and personal level, broaden your network and boost your career! All together, one of the best decisions I made this year!”

Marijn Prins
Chairman EBF Conference 2018

– Is the spokesperson for the EBF Conference,
– Is responsible for having the overview,
– Is responsible together with the EBF Board for the important decisions.
– Has a supporting and facilitating role,

Vice-Chairman/Theme & Speakers/Public Relations II
– Is responsible for creating and working out the theme
– Is responsible for acquiring speakers.

Treasurer/Commercial Relations II
– Is responsible for the budget,
– Is responsible for acquiring companies,
– Is responsible for maintaining contact with the companies and accompanying them.

Commercial Relations I
– Is responsible for acquiring companies and sponsoring.
– Is responsible for maintaining contact with the companies and accompanying them.

Public Relations I
– Is responsible for the promotion of the conference,
– Is responsible for the devising and organisation of a stunt.

Logistics/Theme & Speakers
– Is responsible for working out the theme,
– Is responsible for the day organisation.

The EBF Conference is an intensive board. The board will take around 25-30 hours per week. After the second semester, the board will be full-time. The Conference Day Organisation Committee is added to drop the workload of the EBF Conference Executive Board. The Day Organisation Committee will be recruited in February.

The EBF Conference takes a bit more than one year, it will end in October the following year.