Freek Keppels

Freek Keppels (1968) has been Policy and Communications Director at the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) since 2015. The ACM is the main market supervisor covering the entire Dutch economy. The ACM is charged with competition oversight, with sector-specific regulation in energy, telecommunications, public transport, mail, health care and several other sectors and with enforcement of consumer protection laws. As such the ACM is also involved in issues such as sustainability, energy transition and climate change, the position of self-employed workers, high medicine prices or the digital economy.

Before joining the ACM Freek Keppels has held management positions at the Ministry of Finance, both in reforming the financial sector after the financial crisis and in international economic affairs. During that time reforms were introduced to improve consumer protection and to reinforce capital markets, together with De Nederlandsche Bank and the Authority for  Financial Markets. In the heat of the financial crisis he participated as Dutch Ministry of Finance head International Economy and Financial Institutions in the G20 summits that were aimed at curtailing the financial crisis and participated in the annual meetings of the World Bank en the International Monetary Fund.

Freek Keppels started his career in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ diplomatic class at Institute Clingendael. He worked on political and economic affairs at the Netherlands Embassy in Vietnam and in several management positions at the Ministry.

Freek Keppels studied at the University of Groningen. He has degrees in Econometrics and in Business Administration and did research for his master thesis in Indonesia on the paper packaging industry. He lives in The Hague with his wife and three children. He is keen on bicycle racing in the mountains and is an amateur drummer.