Jelle Logcher | Commercial Relations

Hi my name is Jelle Johannes Logcher and I’m this year’s commercial relations of the EBF Conference board. As commercial relations I am responsible for acquiring companies, sponsoring, maintaining contact with the companies and accompanying the companies on the day of the conference itself. I’m currently completing my bachelor in Business Administration with a minor in Finance. I like to work hard, play golf, go out for some drinks, go on road trips and just do fun stuff while I am still young.

So far, I still love my choice for my board year and working on something this big and ambitious. Although it can get really busy sometimes (especially when you also work 20-30 hours a week as a team supervisor in a supermarket, still follow some courses and have to spend at least some time with your girlfriend…). I really enjoy the choice for my board year and in the few months that we have been busy I already notice I have developed myself and my skills for the better and I notice that I am working towards something great. My network has developed and I have definitely already made new good friends. I am looking forward to continue working on the conference and to develop my skills and network.