Jeroen Hoencamp

At the EBF Conference 2018, VodafoneZiggo CEO Jeroen Hoencamp will speak about the rapid evolution in technique and the related changes in the current society.

VodafoneZiggo’s purpose is to bring enjoyment and progress with every connection. Valuable connections, between people and for people. In a society that never sleeps, where appointments are less dependent on a specific time or place and where communication and business, media and fun are within easy reach all day long. Work, cooperate, play, laugh and create: everything is at one’s fingertips, at any time of the day, at any conceivable place.

The pace of our society, economy and innovation is high. The turmoil of this time asks for new ways of thinking, new techniques and new combinations. It also demands a mind shift within companies, a new position within our present and future society. VodafoneZiggo is recognized as a driving force of the Dutch digitization and builder of the network of the future that will help secure the digital advantage of The Netherlands in future. But the company also sees its responsibility within issues such as digital and social addictions, making ‘digital balance’ an important theme within VodafoneZiggo.

Jeroen Hoencamp (1966) has been Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since the start of VodafoneZiggo on 1 January 2017. Prior to that, he was appointed CEO of Vodafone Netherlands in September 2016. Between 2013 and 2016 Jeroen was CEO of Vodafone in Great Britain, and CEO of Vodafone Ireland from 2010 to 2012. Jeroen joined Vodafone in 1998 and fulfilled various senior management positions. Earlier in his career he held several senior marketing and sales positions at Canon Southern Copy Machines, Inc. in the US and Thorn EMI/Skala Home Electronics in the Netherlands. Jeroen is a former officer in the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps. He has a BBA degree from Nyenrode University and did an MBA at the University of Georgia (US).