Marijn Prins | Chairman

Hi, my name is Marijn Prins and I was born in the most beautiful part of the Netherlands: Twente. I moved from Enschede to Nijmegen to start my study of Dutch Law. After a few months I realized this study didn’t suit me, so I decided to move to the North where I applied for Business Administration at the University of Groningen. Last year, while starting with my bachelor thesis, I asked myself the question how I can develop myself more on a professional level but also on a personal level. Therefore, I applied for the EBF Conference as chairman. Now, with my bachelor in the pocket I got the amazing opportunity to be the team captain of the Conference 2018! Why the EBF Conference? As it is the largest economic and business conference of the Netherlands, I wanted to contribute to its success. Furthermore, I can inspire EBF and FEB students by shaping this exciting event with renowned speakers and pioneering companies together with everyone in the Conference! And as a chairman, I have the responsibility and duty to guide everyone during this year making them comfortable in what they do to eventually master their skills.

Next to that, within a few days the EBF as a study association felt as a second home. The social activities with a lot of nice people to get to know and the guidance you get from the EBF Board is truly amazing!

Please don’t hesitate to grab a cup of coffee, call me, or send a mail if you have any ideas to make the Conference even better than the last nine years. In any case, I hope to see everyone on the 4th and 5th of October 2018 to enjoy the Conference!