Killian McCarthy

Killian J. McCarthy is a Tenured Associate Professor at the University of Groningen’s Faculty of Economics and Business. Killian researches and teaches and researches in strategy, economics, and finance. Additionally, he is the Director for the Master (MSc) in ‘Strategic Innovation Management’, the Coordinator of the Centre for Energy Economics Research (CEER), and the Project Leaders for the International Class Room IB project.

Outside of the RUG, Killian is Visiting Professor at Loughborough University London, he is a Fellow at the Radboud University Centre for Organization Restructuring (Nijmegen), a Scientific Advisor at the International Society for Professional Innovation Management, a Columnist at M&A Magazine, based in Amsterdam, and a Senior Associate at Academicon, a law and economics think-tank (Hamburg).

Today, his research focuses on explaining merger performance; he has written two books on the subject. He has also published, however, on the topics of tax competition, money laundering and criminal finance, as well as on the influence of media power on consumer and business sentiment.