Sandra Top | Logistics

Hi there! I am Sandra, 21 years old and I am responsible for the logistics this year. Next to that I am also busy with contacting the speakers for this year’s edition of the EBF Conference. Born and raised in Marum, a small village close to the border of Groningen and Friesland, you could say I truly am a ‘Groningse’. Therefore the choice for me to study in the lovely city of Groningen was not that hard to make. I am studying the bachelor Business Administration with Accountancy and Controlling, which I have almost completed!

Before I decided to apply for EBF Conference, I was active in the Academy Committee. Maybe you have seen me in the Duisenberg Plaza selling summaries or have seen me on the nice screens of Kapteynborg? This year I made the choice to apply for EBF Conference, since it is one of the best ways to develop yourself next to my study. Being part of the group organizing the EBF Conference, you get to decide the theme for the Conference itself,  a theme which will also be relevant and interesting at the time of the event. Also, you get to contact possible speakers for the event, which makes for interesting conversation! The big responsibility for me will come later in the year, where I get to manage the entire day! I am certain this year will develop me in such a way, my study can’t, which will make this year all the more exciting and challenging.

If you would like to know more about the EBF Conference, being active at EBF or even the study direction I chose, you can always drop by at the EBF office for a cup of coffee or text/email/call me for more information.