Steven Uitentuis

Swapfiets is world’s first bicycle subscription company. For a fixed monthly fee a month you get a Swapfiets and Swapfiets ensures your bicycle always works. If something breaks down, just contact the company and they come to you within 12 hours, wherever you are in the in the city, to fix your Swapfiets, or ‘swap’ it for a working one.

Co-founder Steven Uitentuis, talks about the power of the consumer. Swapfiets is a perfect example of a concept that is build on a strong consumer insight.

Probably every bicycle owner is familiar with the typical frustrations a bicycle can cause, such as a flat tire or a broken chain. Fixing these defects is time-consuming which is is something we do not prefer with our busy lifestyle. The success of Swapfiets fully depends on the service and the convenience delivered to the customers. In contrast to her competitors,

Swapfiets is the only bicycle brand that has knowledge of her end-users. With this data the company is able to continuously optimize the customer experience. As being general manager, Steven Uitentuis assures that the core values of Swapfiets, ‘great customer service’ and ‘made simple’, are implemented in every aspect of the company and that new collaborations contribute to an optimal customer satisfaction. He will speak for example about the continuous development of the bicycle, the cooperation between Swapfiets and the (local) government, and co-creation with the customers.