Consultancy Tour Committee Recruitment

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Are you interested in consultancy? Would you like to set up a multiple day career event where final year students can meet several high end consulting firms at their offices? Then consider applying for the EBF Consultancy Tour committee. In the Spring of 2018, this EBF Event will be organised. As a committee member, you gain experience in contacting the partners for this event, arranging practical matters and making other students enthusiastic for this event. In the end, you will be proud of organising an event where a group of students met some great consultancy firms and learned about a career in the consultancy sector.

This committee is only for Dutch students

– Has a supporting and facilitating role,
– Is responsible for general coordination,
– Is responsible for teambuilding/bonding.

Treasurer / Secretary
– Is responsible for the budget,
– Is responsible for the registrations and all communication towards participants.

Commercial Relations / Logistics II
– Is responsible for the communication towards participating companies,
– Is responsible for managing the day.

PR / Logistics I
– Is responsible for the promotion of the events,
– Is responsible for designing posters and flyers,
– Is responsible for managing the day.

The workload for this committee is around 5 hours a week. When the event approaches, it may take some hours per week extra.

The committee will start in September and will last approximately until April.