EBF Buddy System

Become a Buddy

Would you like to help around one or more new students? Then become a buddy in the buddy programme of the EBF!

As a buddy, you will function as the support for new students at the Faculty of Economics and Business. You will focus on the social and informal aspects of student life, by answering questions, showing them around the city or going to some nice events together, such as the EBF socials. So, being a buddy is not the same as being a mentor/tutor, since you will not so much focus on helping them with their studies, but more on the social aspects.

Workload: If needed, already answering some questions in the period of June till September. From September on you will spend approximately 1-5 hours per week to help them find their way around the city and faculty. After this, it will be less.


  • You can have one or more buddies according to your preferences.
  • You have to be an upcoming second year (or higher) student at the Faculty of Economics and Business.
  • You cannot be on exchange during the first semester.
  • You have to be a member of the EBF.

Deadline: 24th of May, 23:59.

Apply for a Buddy

Do you want to meet other people and get a kick start on your student time? Do you want to receive some help in getting to know the city, finding a house or do you just want to meet people to party with? Then apply for a buddy!

From the 1st of May onwards, you can apply!