EBF Conference Day Organisation Recruitment

The EBF Conference Groningen is the largest two-day student conference in the Netherlands. The two consecutive conference days will have a different character. As Day Organisation of the EBF Conference you will be responsible for several elements of the day. You will work closely together with the EBF Conference Executive Board and be responsible for your own project; the Start-up pitch. With this committee you can gain more experience with contacting companies, logistical processes and promotional activities.

The first day will be an academic day for senior students, alumni and corporate participants. On the second day the main conference day will commence with 600 participants. During this day, renowned speakers will give engaging lectures. Previous speakers were Al Gore (former vice-president of the USA) and a lot of CEO’s from multinational companies. Furthermore, workshops and master classes will be provided by respectively recruiters and senior level professionals.

Do you want to gain an insight in the biggest two day Conference of the Netherlands? Then the EBF Conference Day Organisation is something for you!

Internationals are welcome to apply

Chairman Start-up pitch
– Is responsible for the contact with Startups
– Has the final responsibility for the Start-up pitch

Commercial III
– Is responsible for the funding of the award for the Start-up pitch
– Supports the Commercial Officer of the EBF Conference Executive Board

– Is responsible for the promotion of the Start-up event
– Works closely together with the PR officer of the EBF Conference Executive Board
– Makes sure technical matters run smoothly during the EBF Conference

Logistics II
– Will coordinate and plan the pre-event of the Start-up pitch
– Will coordinate the Conference days together with the Logistic of the EBF Conference Executive Board
– Is responsible for contact with several operational partners of the EBF Conference

This committee will take approximately 10-15 hours per week. During the summerbreak there will be enough time for vacation, but you are expected to do some work during the break as well. After the summer break some more time will be needed

This committee will start in February and ends after the EBF Conference in October.