EBF/MARUG Recruitment Days

Every year in December the Recruitment Days are organised, which is one of the biggest recruitment events for students in the Netherlands. The EBF organises this multiple-day event together with MARUG, the marketing association. Over 500 students visit the Recruitment Days to explore their opportunities on the labour market. The event is visited by students who are searching for an internship or job, but also by younger students who have just started to orientate themselves.

A broad range of activities take place during the Recruitment Days. From general lectures by companies accessible for any participant, to individual interviews with recruiters for which students are selected based on their CV. Interactive cases are offered to give students a better insight in a particular company, and in the evenings business dinners and networking socials are organised.

As a member of the Recruitment Days Committee, you will be responsible for setting up the entire event. The committee tasks include contacting the participating companies, arranging the event location and logistics, set up a program for each day and designing the promotion material for the event. You will organise an event that offers a large amount of fellow students the opportunity to get in contact with companies, both on a formal and informal level.

More information? Send a mail to: l.platvoet@ebfgroningen.nl

Fluency in Dutch is required

The Recruitment Days Groningen is one of the largest recruitment events in the Netherlands and
has a fantastic reputation among students and companies. When I decided to apply for the
Recruitment Days I was ready for a new adventure. Because the event is a part of both the EBF
and the MARUG, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. Together with your committee
members you’ll work nine months to optimize your event. You’ll start off as a group of seven
strangers, and you’ll end up with dozens of new friends. As a Treasurer I was responsible for
every financial decision that had to be made. I learned many things on how to manage our
financials, which I couldn’t learn from the study books. Besides managing the financials you’ll
get the opportunity to pick up tasks you like to further contribute to the event and your personal
development. By organising the Recruitment Days you do not only enhance your own career
prospects, but you also contribute to the future career of about 500 other students. Don’t hesitate
to apply!

- Mike van Oudshoorn, Treasurer Recruitment Days 2017

As chairman, you have several tasks in order to ensure that your committee wil be on track in organizing the event. You have to make sure that each committee member does his or her job so that your committee wil together achieve a great result . Furthermore, this position includes a number of operational tasks, such as scheduling meetings with the whole committee and arranging all kinds of additional matters. In addition, you are responsible for maintaining a good atmosphere within the group. You also have frequent contact with both the EBF and MARUG boards about things that can help you organize the event. Finally, you will be responsible for the overall planning and the continuous progress that the committee makes. Since the event is will take place in early December, you will have to draw up this plan partly before the summer holidays.

In short:
– Has a supporting and facilitating role
– Is responsible for general coordination
– Is responsible for the contact with the EBF and MARUG
– Is responsible for teambuilding/bonding

Being treasurer is a challenging position because it does not only consist of accounting, but it also means that you are responsible for the financing of the Recruitment Days. In practice, this means that the treasurer has an important voice in every major decision the committee makes. Furthermore, the treasurer as no other has insight into what is happening within the committee, because almost all activities consider revenues and expenses which have to be managed. You also have time to help the Commercial Relations and/or you are responsible for product sponsoring. Being treasurer is therefore a challenging and a vital function within the committee!

In short:
– Is responsible for devising and checking the budget
– Is responsible for the financial administration
– Is responsible for assisting the commercial relations and/or product sponsoring

Commercial Relations I + II
The functions Commercial Relations I and II consist of approaching and acquiring companies for the event. Within this position, you are responsible that students can choose between many interesting companies for presentations, cases, individual interviews, dinners and so on. In addition to that, during the event you are responsible for guiding the recruiters and make sure every company will have a good experience. In this role, you will get in direct contact with the business world, which means that you will develop several practical commercial skills such as networking and negotiating. This will all be very nice and rewarding!

In short:
– Is responsible for acquiring companies to participate in the event
– Is responsible for the contact with the companies
– Is responsible for accompanying the recruiters at the event

Day organisation
As Day Organisation, you are responsible for arranging all matters regarding the days that the event takes place. You arrange for instance the lunch (catering), equipment, decoration etc. Furthermore, you will arrange the different locations and maintain the contacts with these parties. It is also expected that you will put together a detailed script for the committee and other people helping at the event, in order to make sure that the days will run smoothly and everyone knows what to do when.

In short:
– Is responsible on the days of the event
– Is responsible for the locations (including catering)
– Is responsible for the socials and the party

Planning and logistics
In this position you will be responsible for the scheduling of the more than 500 students participating in the Recruitment Days. These (personal) schedules are created with the aid of a scheduling program. You will also be the contact person for students before and during the days when they have questions about their schedule. Besides that, you will also have time to assist the PR and Promotion or the Commercial Relations. This position is very challenging and perfect for people who love IT and work in a structured manner.

In short:
– Is responsible for the schedules and the programme
– Is an important contact person for students
– Is responsible for the evaluation

PR and Promotion
The PR & Promotion function is a position where you can explore your creativity. The purpose of this function is to grow awareness for the event. Together with the rest of your committee you create a promotion strategy and your are responsible for all the promotional communications. You’ll design flyers, posters and programme booklets, devise promotional stunts and manage social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). In addition, you are also responsible for the website. If you have a creative mind then this will really be a position for you. Experience with Photoshop and InDesign is not required.

In short:
– Is responsible for the promotion of the event
– Is responsible for the design of flyers, posters and banners
– Is responsible for devising a promotional stunt

* Vice-Chairman, Commercial Relations III and PR and Promotion II are added later to one of the other positions.

This committee has an average workload of 25 hours per week. This workload differs per function and per month. For example, the commercial relations have their peak in May-August, while the Day Organisation gets most busy in September-December. However, the last few months before the event will take almost full time preparation for the whole committee.

The committee will be recruited in February and the event will take place in December.