EBF Economic Event Committee Recruitment

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In this committee you will organise the EBF Economic Event which will take place in semester 1.2. The event will have an economic approach that provides students with the opportunity to acquire practical insights next to their studies and get in touch with companies. Speakers from leading national and international organisations will share their experiences. As a member of this committee, you will be responsible for arranging the program of the day, in which you will invite profound speakers and interesting companies to Groningen. In the past, for example, the CEO of Microsoft Netherlands provided a lecture at the EBF Economic Event.

Are you a student looking for the opportunity to get in contact with various companies and speakers? Do you want to realise such an event together with other motivated students? Organising the EBF Economic Event could be the challenge you are looking for.

Internationals are welcome to apply

Organising the EBF Symposium (former EBF Economic Event) was truly an experience I wouldn’t want to miss out on. It was a year full of new experiences and fun activities. You will get in contact to leading companies and speakers which provided me with lots of experience. I would recommend this to everyone because of both the professional and social elements that characterise being an active member

- Tijmen Oudshoorn Commercial Relations EBF Symposium 2014-2015

– Has a supporting and facilitating role,
– Is responsible for general coordination,
– Is responsible for team building/bonding.

PR / Commercial relations I
– Is responsible for the promotion of the event,
– Is responsible for acquiring workshops.

Speakers I / Commercial Relations II
– Is responsible for acquiring speakers,
– Helps the Commercial Relations I regarding workshops.

Secretary / Logistics
– Is responsible for the registrations,
– Is responsible for the promotion of the event,
– Is responsible for managing the day itself.

Treasurer / Speakers II
– Is responsible for acquiring speakers,
– Is responsible for the budget,
– Is responsible for acquiring subsidies.

The workload for this committee is around 5-10 hours a week. In the weeks before the event it will take some more time.

This committee will take almost the entire year, until right after the EBF Economic Event will take place in November 2018.