Entrepreneurship Evenings

Are you or do you want to become an entrepreneur?

How big do you dream? Are you someone that would like to start their own company? Do you have a great idea that you would like to turn into reality, but you just don’t quite know how? Or maybe you have no idea what you would like to do later on and you’re just a bit curious. Then it is a perfect moment to take a look at one of the entrepreneurship evenings. During the entrepreneurship evenings, inspiring, highly achieving individuals will share their success stories and advice.

A total of three entrepreneurship evenings are organized over the academic year of 2016/2017. The first took place on the 16th of February, the second on the 27th of March and the last one will take place on the 18th of May. Each evening represents a specific theme regarding entrepreneurship.

The first and second entrepreneurship evenings have already taken place. During the first evening, Richard Spooren the founder of Condoom-Anoniem and Kevin van der Veer, founder of Woodwatch, revealed all of their tips and tricks regarding how they created successful businesses. On the second evening, Stefan Vogelzang, founder of VIEMR, and Bernd Damme, founder of House of Eléonore elaborated upon the contrast between relatively old and new industries.

The third and final entrepreneurship evening is almost here! The theme of the last evening will be “The Startup Hype: Lessons Learned by Entrepreneurs”. During this evening, Alexander Wijninga, founder of Watermelon, and Kasper Middelkoop, founder of Hotelchamp, will elaborate on the challenges they faced during the creation of their startups. Apart from this, the entrepreneurs will share their insights on what played an important role in making their business successful. Since this is the last entrepreneurship evening, we wanted to do something new. Based on the feedback from the previous evening we decided to organize and play an entrepreneurship game. It is a fun, short game to familiarize people with entrepreneurial thinking. No preparations are necessary.

The event will take place at the van Swinderen Huys on Thursday the 18th of May from 19:30h-22:30h (doors open at 19:15h). In following hour (22:30h-23:30h), there will be an optional social during which you can ask the entrepreneurs questions and expand your network. The event will be completely free of charge, and includes beverages and snacks. You can apply for the last evening until Monday the 15th of May 00:00h. Due to the intimate atmosphere of these evenings, there will only be limited amount of places available. Thus, early application is advised.

Note: the last evening will be in English and is open for international students to join!


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