European Study Research Porto

ESR Porto, join for an amazing week full of companies, culture and clubs!

This year’s destination of ESR Spring will be Porto! From the 18th till the 25th of May, a group of 25 students, 2 professors and 6 committee members will spend an unforgettable week in this beautiful Portuguese city. To prepare for the trip, weekly lectures, dinners, and socials will be organised to help you prepare your research and to get to know each other. The trip itself will consist of a combination of cultural activities, company visits, and chances to experience the amazing nightlife that the city has to offer.

ESR is an amazing experience for students. It’s an opportunity to bring something unique to your university experience, a chance to broaden and diversify your skill set, a way to improve your research skills and an amazing way to create memories and new friendships!

Porto is considered being an innovation hub with the purpose of involving local people transforming the city and developing an innovation ecosystem. This creates new opportunities for innovation, contributes to the city’s development and encourages citizens to be the driving force of innovation. This year’s research theme will be ‘Innovation in the transformation of the city.’ You will be split up into teams of 5 students, each with a specific sub theme to focus the research on. More information about the sub themes can be found under the theme tab.

The ESR experience begins with an opening dinner, followed by 7 weeks of lectures, dinners and socials every Monday night. A variety of different topics, lecturers and points of view will be discussed each week. After we return, there will be another 2 weeks of lectures before the final dinner in order to put the finishing touches on our work.

The total cost of joining will be €200,-, which includes plane tickets, accommodation and transportation during our stay, as well as various other activities to take part in.

This ESR experience is one that is unique, and should not be missed! In order to take part in this amazing project, sign up on the website. Applications close on the 17th of February, 23:59! The applications are open to bachelor students of the FEB with at least 45 ECTS

For any other questions about the trip, feel free to contact us at