Etiquette Dinner

Need to learn some etiquettes?

Are you clueless about what type of cutlery to use at fancy dinners, and are you hesitant about how to behave in the presence of important people?

Then we have organized the perfect event for you!

On the 7th of June we have organized an etiquette dinner at ‘t Feithuis, of which the goal will be to educate you about both Dutch and international etiquette, which might come in handy during your future career.

During the evening you will be offered a 4-course meal and in between the courses get taught about different kinds of etiquette. Different topics will be covered, ranging from how to use different kinds of cutlery properly, to how to behave in a business meeting. Comparisons to etiquette from other countries will be made, making this a very interesting experience!

The event will start at 18:30 and last until 22:30 at ‘t Feithuis, and only cost €7,50! The dresscode will be Tenue de Ville. So are you interested in becoming more familiar with table manners? Then don’t hesitate to sign up and you will be guaranteed to participate in an exclusive event with great food, great company, and a great time!

See you there!

Freshmen Committee