European Study Research Committee

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The European Study Research is a research trip that will be organised by the European Study Research Committee in May and November. For both research trips a different committee will be responsible, which means that two European Study Research committees will be formed each year.

This also means that two times a year, you have the chance to organise a trip to a beautiful city within Europe! The fun part of it all is that you, together with your committee, will be responsible for choosing the city. Previous years, the European Study Research went to Istanbul, Prague, Milan, Bratislava, Lisbon, Madrid, Riga and Berlin. Of course, the European Study Research also incorporates doing research. This means that the committee is also responsible for the creation of a research theme and the subthemes. These subthemes exist because 25 enthusiastic and motivated 2nd/3rd year students will join the European Study Research as participants and they will conduct and 3rd research within the research theme and their subtheme. To prepare the students for the research, there will be seven weekly lectures before the trip takes place. Before the lecture, you will dine together and after the lecture there will be a social so you get to know all the participants! During the lectures, some guest speakers will be invited, there will be talked about the research and the students will present their research so far and receive feedback. The goal of the lectures is to provide students insights in doing research so that they are fully prepared for the field research. Of course, everyone is looking forward to the actual trip. During this trip, an average of 9 companies will be visited.

During this visits, the students get more information about the company and they get the chance to ask questions. By asking this questions, the students can formulate a practical answer to their research question. Next to that, you will discover the beautiful city by visiting cultural highlights and by discovering the nightlife. It will be a week to never forget! After the research trip, there will be two more lectures. In these lectures, students will present their finalised research and receive feedback. Of course, there is a lot of time to get to know each other by an introduction diner, a theme party and a closing diner!

The ESR project has three main pillars; it offers students the opportunity to gain experience in field research, students get an insights in how companies operate and last but definitely not least, students gain international experience. The goal of ESR is to introduce second and third year students with research in an international context. Eventually 25 students, 1 EBF Board member and two academics will join you in your project. The ESR should be fun but also a learning experience that focuses on doing research. Students should be serious and involved with this research. As a committee it is your responsibility to organise a responsible, research based and fun trip, in that specific order.

Internationals are welcome to apply

‘ESR is in my opinion one of the greatest committees to be a part of in EBF. If you are as lucky as we were, you’ll find that ESR has the true, unique ability to change your life. It might sound as though I’m exaggerating, but I think I speak for my entire committee in saying that joining ESR has been one of the best choices we ever made, and that we indeed change the course of our lives, or at the bare minimum, the course of our year. It’s intense, but when you spend this much time with likeminded people, the chance that you become close friends are, I’d say, rather high. ESR provides the opportunity to have an amazing time, in addition to really making a difference in organizing a period of about 10 weeks in which you’re responsible for a total of 34 heads. You’ll find that it’s not always easy, but that’s also what makes you develop on a personal level. You get to know yourself better, and you get to know a lot of others too. Especially if you’re new to EBF, ESR is suddenly one of the best ways to integrate, as you spend so much time at the interim, but also on parties and other events. All I can say is, after having experienced it myself, I would recommend this to everyone and if I had the choice, I would choose to apply over and over again.’”

- Merthe Weusthuis, Chairman ESR Rome 2017

– Has a supporting and facilitating role,
– Is responsible for general coordination,
– Is responsible for team building/bonding.

Research Coordinator
– Is responsible for planning lectures,
– Is responsible for finding lecturers,
– Is responsible for the research start-up.

Travel Coordinator/Treasurer
– Is responsible for the budget,
– Is responsible for the day planning and program,
– Is responsible for cost collections,
– Is responsible for subsidies applications.

Public Relations
– Is responsible for promotion,
– Is responsible for the selection of participants,
– Is responsible for the lay-out of the syllabus and other lay out.

Commercial Relations Internal
– Is responsible for the day program,
– Is responsible for acquiring sponsors from companies in the Netherlands,
– Is responsible for maintaining contact with these companies.

Commercial Relations External
– Is responsible for the day program,
– Is responsible for acquiring sponsors from companies abroad,
– Is responsible for maintaining contact with these companies.

The committee is fairly intensive. In the beginning it will take approximately between 5 and 10 hours a week. Before the trip it will take you around 20 hours a week.

The ESR Spring Committee will take from October until approximately June. The trip will take place in May/beginning of June.
The ESR Fall will take from February until approximately December. The trip will take place in November/beginning of December.