Eye On..

Eye On..

The Eye on.. is an event where several speakers share their vision on a specific topic and which is followed by a discussion led by the chairman of the day. Usually, a topic is chosen which at this moment is in the news. The event provides students the opportunity to gain more insights into a specific topic.

In 1960 a single US engineer was send to investigate reported findings of natural gas in the north of the Netherlands. Few could predict that he would return to his superiors at Shell and Exxonmobile after finding one of the world's largest reserves of 'liquid gold'. The discovery of natural gas in Groningen would dominate the Dutch energy sector for the next 70 years.

The NAM exploited the field and brought a total of 290 billion euros in yields to successive Dutch governments. Up to 10% of the Netherlands' budget would come from selling natural gas. The welfare state today as we know it would not be possible without this boon.

The turning point of this blessing did not became clear until Groningen was shocked on Christmas day 1986 by a earthquake with a magnitude of 3.6. This was but the first in a long series of earthquakes damaging property in Groningen and upsetting its population.

This April, a new chapter has started in the story of gas in the Netherlands: The ministry of economic affairs decided to halt all gas extraction by 2030. This gives the Netherlands 12 years to find a way to plug a whole in our budget amounting to 900 euros per person every year. This raises numerous concerns: Can we afford to live without gas? What alternatives are there for heating our homes? Who's paying for the damages from earthquakes?

These and other issues will be discussed by Martijn Kleverlaan from the NAM and Eugene Sutorius who is professor in Law and at the UvA, and co-founder of the bildung academy. They will be joined by other speakers who each represent another side of the story.

Join us May 15th at 15:00 in the New Energy Academy on Zernike! No application required.


November 8, 2016 was the date of the 58th presidential election of the United States of America. The republican billionaire Donald Trump took on the former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in what is considered to be the most controversial, remarkable and memorable presidential election of all time. During this edition of the Eye on... series several inspiring national and international speakers shared their thoughts on the elections and the speakers clarified different perspectives on the matter.

Eye On.. Refugees - Banner

Next Monday the Eye On.. Refugees in the Netherlands will take place. During this event three speakers shed light on how the Netherlands should deal with refugees. The first speaker will be RUG professor Paul Elhorst, who will share his vision on the influence of refugees for the regional economy. The second speaker will be Elizabeth Tjerkstra from VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, who will highlight the current asylum issues in the Netherlands. Last but not least, former refugee Mehran Pourmiri will elaborate on his experiences and integration process as a refugee. The event will be concluded with a discussion, led by RUG professor Gjalt de Jong. Thereafter there will be a social!

Interested? Drop an Eye On the following:

When: 1st of February 15.00-17.00 (doors open at 14.45)

Where: Bernoulliborg 5161.0151

How: No application, just step in


The first Eye on.. was organised in February 2015, discussing the different aspects of the football transfer market. First of all, the economic framework was set and the structure of the player’s salaries was discussed by professor Koning, expert in the field of sport economics. Next, the role of the agent was addressed by Dr. Mr. Branco Martins, representor of the interests of the agent in (inter)national football. Professor R. Parrish soke about third party ownership and lastly the role of the club was discussed by mr. Nijkamp, technical director of PEC Zwolle. The Eye on.. was concluded with a discussion.