IBR Executive Board Recruitment

IBR Executive Board Recruitment

Application deadline to be announced

International Business Research is a project run by students of the EBF and the University of Groningen. During the project, students conduct research for Dutch companies in two growing economies outside of Europe. The entire project consists of two parallel projects; there are two separate groups and two separate boards, each consisting of 5 board members and a group of participants. After a year of preparation, you will travel to the country of destination to conduct research for 5 weeks and thereafter travel for another 5 weeks.

In the past, IBR has travelled to countries such as South Africa, India, China, Thailand, Brazil, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Argentina. Last year, we chose Indonesia and Mexico as our destinations. Every year, the Executive Board decides upon their own destination based on several criteria and in close collaboration with other relevant parties.

A board year with IBR offers you a unique opportunity to gain international research experience, get into contact with (international) companies, boost your CV, meet a lot of new people and participate in lots of social activities.


You will be the general contact person of the EBF, the faculty and the foundation IBR. Thereby, you will keep an overview of the project in which you are responsible for the teambuilding and motivation of the fellow board members. During (double) board meetings and advisory board meetings, you will be the leader of the discussion in which you have to present the project. Thereby, you will spend at least 50% of your time on acquisition.

Vice-Chairman & Treasurer


As vice-chairman, your first responsibility is the selection of two supervising professors of the university. In September, you will start with the recruitment of participants in cooperation with the PR & travel coordinator. During the preparation phase, you will be the key contact person of the participants. As part of that, you will organize guest lectures and coordinate and organize workshops/lectures for the participants. In February, the selection of the new Executive Boards will take place. And in addition, you have to take over tasks from the chairman when needed and you will support the externals with the acquisition.


As a treasurer, you have to take care of the budget on which the project price will be based. Thereby, you are responsible for having an overview of all financial matters, sending out invoices and processing incoming invoices, keeping the financial administration up to date and reporting to the foundation of IBR.

PR & Travel Logistics


At the beginning of the project, you will develop the acquisition material and all promotional materials (flyers, brochures, social media). In September, you will support the vice-chairman with the participant selection for which you have to arrange all the promotion. Additionally, one of your main tasks is the online marketing. You will create and keep the website up to date, and you take care of the social media and publications in magazines and websites. In addition, you will support the externals with the acquisition.

Travel Logistics

As the person responsible for the travel logistics, you are responsible for contacting foreign universities in order to set up the Local Student Consultant project. Thereby, you have to take care of all travel needs and you are responsible for the entire travel schedule. Therefore, you need an accurate overview of the country of destination (possible activities, transport, universities, hospitals etc.) and during the period abroad you are responsible for the ‘’well-being’’ of the group.

External Relations I & II

Your main task is contracting companies for the project. In the beginning, you will start with composing and contacting the advisory board. You will visit seminars and network events to acquire contacts, visit companies and write research proposals. As External Relations you are also responsible for the quality of the research projects and you will therefore oversee the research couples. Furthermore the acquisition ‘couple’ is responsible for the last research contract.

Anke (22) – Chairman South Africa & Mozambique 2017: I applied for IBR since I wished to experience a board year that combined team work and work experience. In 2012 I moved to Groningen and started my Bachelor Economics. I did not have a special preference for an international project, but the professional appearance and attitude made me curious. And indeed, in a couple of weeks, I had a feeling that I learned more than I did in my studies. We are still a group of students and having a lot of fun together, but at the same time working very efficiently to meet your goal: acquire your contracts. My network has increased by an amount I couldn’t wish for, and I’ve learned more about the business world than I had expected. When I speak to my father about IBR he nods and says: ‘You already learned the things I learned in the first 3 years of my career.’

Rutger (24) – PR & Travel coordinator South Africa & Mozambique 2017: After finishing my high school I started with the BSc International Business due to my interest in travelling and international relations and business. After my Bachelor I decided to do an internship in New Zealand to discover what I really like. After this great period of working and travelling I started my MSc Marketing Management. During this Master I also became an active member of the EBF in which I experienced how it was to work on projects in small groups. The international experience and experience as an active member motivated me to apply for a more intense international project. IBR appeared the perfect project for me! Since I finished my Master’s quite quickly I found out IBR offers the perfect balance between student life and working life. You’re working full-time with major responsibilities but you can still enjoy your life as a student. For me IBR combines the advantages of a board year in which you develop personally with the advantages of applying what I’ve learned during my Masters. And on top of that the whole year is finalized with 10 amazing weeks in a country outside of Europe!

Wies (21) – Vice-chairman/treasurer Vietnam 2017: When I finished high school, I directly started my Bachelor in International business and I went on exchange to Portugal. During my time in Lisbon I started to think about what I wanted to do after I finished my bachelor and I realized I wanted to go abroad again. However, I also wanted to do something useful. I think IBR combines these two things in a perfect way. You can apply your knowledge in practice, get in contact with businesses and afterwards reward yourself with 5 amazing weeks of traveling.

Anouk (21) – External relations Vietnam 2017:During my exchange to Taiwan in the third year of the bachelor International Business, I heard about the IBR board year and decided to apply. I had no idea what kind of master I wanted to do, and this year is the perfect opportunity to expand your network and learn more about your own interest fields. As external relations, you will visit many firms you’ve never heard of before and meet lots of interesting people. For example, I really like the contact with our advisory board, with 20-25 managers from well-known firms and organizations that want to share their knowledge and contacts with you. Also, you’ll develop sales skills which will be valuable for your future career. This, in combination with all the social activities during the whole year is what makes IBR such a great project

March – April 2019: Choice of destination and finding supervising professors

May – July 2019: Composing the advisory board and the board of recommendations

July – August 2019: Creating the acquisition brochure and first PR-material, setting the budget

September 2019 – March 2020: Acquiring research contracts and preparing for the trip (including meetings with the advisory board)

October 2019: Selection of participants


The new board will be announced in the beginning of March. From March onwards, the project will take approximately 15-20 hours. In August, a fulltime board year will start in which the workload intensifies. The project lasts over a year and the trip will take place in April, May and June.

If you wish to become an IBR board member you:

  • Must be a student at the Faculty of Economics and Business; both Dutch, international, Bachelor, Master or Pre-Master.
  • Must be available part-time from March onwards, and full-time from August/September on.
  • Must have at least 90 ECTS.

To apply, you will have to hand in (in twofold and written in English) the following documents hard-copy at one of the IBR Rooms (see contact):

  • An application letter in which you explain your motivation to apply for the IBR project
  • Your curriculum vitae (including student number)
  • 2 photos of yourself (printed is sufficient)
  • Your two preferred board positions with motivation

And an appendix with:

In the last week of February and the month March the selection procedure will take place, it consists of three parts: making a general research case, a function specific case and a personal interview. In the middle of March we will announce the selected participants of IBR 2020!

Information Meeting

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