International Business Research

In 2019 we will go to Indonesia and Mexico

International Business Research is a project run by students of the EBF and the University of Groningen. Each year, IBR conducts research for Dutch companies in two growing economies. This year’s destinations of the International Business Research project are Indonesia and Mexico. The project concerns a research that you will conduct for a Dutch company. The preparation phase starts in November, in which you will prepare the research. During your stay abroad (April-June), you will conduct the field research for a period of five weeks. After this, you have the chance to explore the country by travelling in small groups for another five weeks; you’ll be abroad for 10 weeks!

Research. Consultancy. Travel.

IBR offers you a unique opportunity to conduct a professional research and consult for Dutch companies. Over the years, IBR developed itself as a high-quality project, and offers you the following:

  • Investigations in an objective manner
  • Three months of intensive preparation
  • Extensive knowledge of the Indonesian and Mexican market
  • 30 years of research experience 
  • Quality of the project ensured by two supervising professors
  • Support of our Advisory Board
  • 25 top quality senior students with diverse academic backgrounds


  • Gain international experience
  • Gain research & consultancy experience
  • Earn 10 ECTS
  • Meet a lot of new people
  • Many social activities
  • Create a professional network
  • Spend 10 weeks abroad
  • Get insights in an emerging market
  • Experience Dutch and foreign business culture
  • Boost your CV
  • And a lot more…