International Day

International Day 2017

Do you want to have the perfect start towards your career in the Netherlands?

Join the International Day lecture and workshop by an expert in the field of diversity in multinationals and a motivational TED speaker who has successfully started his career in the Netherlands.

11.00 – 13.00
How to Make an International Career – Sabyasachi Sengupta – ABN Amro Associate and Motivational TED Speaker (in the Careers Company)

15.00 – 17.00
Managing Cultural Diversity Within Multinationals – Frederique Reinjierse – Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, KPMG (5412 – 0035)

12.00 – 16.00
International Market (Duisenberg Plaza)

How to Make an International Career

Business Economist by degree and Banker by profession, Saby has worked for over seven years in major banks and investment banks across Europe and Asia. This experience proves to be invaluable source of understanding and inspiration when it comes to speaking demands and cross-cultural dynamics in the work environment. Saby will give you tips and tricks how to build your international career, especially for international students who want to start their career in the Netherlands.

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Workshop International Day

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Managing Cultural Diversity WIthin Multinationals

How does it feel working in a big multinationals? How do you cope with diversities among the employees? KPMG is among the world’s big 4 accounting firm and diversity within the company has been seriously taken care. Frederique will share her experience on working in such a diverse environment and give you valuable insight how to deal with such diversity. There will be Q&A session so ask her any questions you may have.

In a globalising world and with more international students at the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) every year, the EBF is internationalising. To be able to better serve international students we must know what the needs of international students are, what activities are they interested in and how can we make international students and Dutch students interact more. Next to that, the EBF wants to offer international students help with certain things. A lot of activities are already organised by other organisations in Groningen, but international students might also be interested in more study- or faculty related activities.

To get insight in these opportunities, the International Committee will supply for this among FEB students and teachers. Furthermore they will organize the International Day, International quiz nights and some other activities for international students. Besides that they cooperate with ESN for the EBF/ESN Buddy System.

Actually, this year, the EBF would like to intensify the EBF/ESN Buddy System so that both the national as the international student will gain from this buddy system. The International Committee will look into this opportunities.

Regarding the International Day, the EBF would like to help international students with problems they are facing. Next to that, the EBF hopes to reduce the gap between national and international students so that the integration between both will be intensified.