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Coming to the Netherlands as an international student, there must have been a lot of changes to adapt to. The landscape is as flat as a pancake. Pancakes are what the Dutch eat for dinner instead of breakfast. Dinner is served when you just finished your lunch. Lunch consists of two plain slices of brown bread with Gouda cheese. We could go on for a while… Another aspect of Dutch culture that is possibly different from yours,  is the Dutch study culture. In the Netherlands, a vital part of student life happens outside the lecture halls. Groningen is home to many study, student and sports associations that provide students the opportunity to develop themselves, meet fellow students, and have fun!

The EBF is the study association of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) of the University of Groningen. The EBF strives to offer value-adding services and activities for all students at the FEB. Therefore, also you as an international student are more than welcome to join our association, activities and committees. Via this webpage, you can find out what the EBF does and what joining the association can offer you.

We are there for you to make the most of your time here, we hope to see YOU at the EBF!

The International Ambassador

Hi! My name is Sun. I am about-to-be a third year International Business student and happy to be this year’s International Ambassador! I grew up in a few countries, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia… but we can save that for later, when we are actually talking!

This year, I am willing to hear you out. Every little suggestion or question that you got on your mind, let me know, and let’s make it heard! Don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail. Then we can arrange a coffee meeting to answer all of your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A study association is an association open for students who follow a specific study programme. Study associations are a vital part of the Dutch study culture. The associations aim to serve the interests of their members by organising all kinds of formal and informal activities.  A study association is different from a student association, as the latter is independent of any study programme. Joining a study association and participating in its activities is the perfect extension to your degree if you are looking for a combination of developing yourself, meeting fellow students and having fun!

The Economics and Business student Faculty association (EBF) is the faculty association for all students studying at the faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Groningen. The EBF offers its members a wide range of both formal and informal activities. All activities can be classified within one or more of EBF’s key pillars, which are study, career, international and recreation. The EBF helps you to prepare for your future by bridging the gap between your studies and the business world. The EBF also focuses on the social aspect of your studies, we organise several recreational activities where you can meet fellow (international) students. 

More information

The EBF strives to offer its activities in English whenever this is possible. As a result, almost all EBF Activities are accessible to international students. However, some activities are exceptions and are (partly) organised in Dutch. This is due to practical reasons, like language preferences of participating companies and/or speakers. A rule of thumb is that all EBF Events are offered in English, unless otherwise stated on promotion materials or at the webpage of the event. Whenever in doubt about the spoken language at an event, you can always approach the EBF Board ( or the International Ambassador.

Completly in English
Open for International Students
EBF Conference 
Shell Business Challenge
Winter School
Entrepreneurship Evenings
Student Business Battle
Women in Business Event
Leadership Panels
European Study Research
International Business Research
Parties & Socials
EBF/JFV Christmas Ball
International Day
Introduction Weekend
Freshmen Activities
Active Member Activities
EBF Symposium
Eye on’s..
Activities organized by Master Communities

Recruitment Days
Part of the Recruitment Days activities are in English.
Please visit the Recruitment Days website for more information.

Consultancy Tour
This event is organised in Dutch.

Degree to Trainee
This event is organised in Dutch.

For more information:
Visit the event page or,
Contact the EBF Board ( or,
Contact the International Ambassador (

The EBF operates on a `for students, by students` principle. The activities and events of the EBF are organised by committees, consisting of four to eight active members. Active members are students who allocate a proportion of their time to do committee work besides their studies. The EBF has around 25 different committees, every committee is responsible for a different activity or event of the EBF. Some committees take only a few hours per week, whereas others are a (nearly) full time occupation.
You gain a lot of organisational and professional experience by taking place in a committee. Above all, joining a committee is great fun! Within a committee you work as a team and will therefore develop a close relationship. Furthermore, you will meet many other active members at the EBF Active Member activities.

Yes, that is possible. In fact, the amount of international students that apply to take place in an EBF Committee increases each year, a development the EBF Board is very satisfied with. Pay a visit to the Recruitment Page to learn more about active membership and to find out when the next recruitment round will take place. Visit the Committee Search Engine to find out which committees are open for international students. 

EBF Members can apply for a committee by filling in the online application form at the Recruitment Page. You will be asked to provide some personal details and your committee preference(s). After completing the form, you will be asked to hand in your Curriculum Vitae and a letter explaining your motivation to join a committee. Based on these documents, we invite students for a personal interview. This interview will be conducted by two persons from the EBF Board and will take approximately 30 minutes. During the interview, we will ask questions about the EBF, your reasons to join a specific committee and your personality. It is recommended to prepare for the interview by reading information about the EBF, the committee(s) and different functions, or by talking to current Active Members. We will select our Active Members based on the communicative and functional qualities, their relevant experiences and the degree of enthusiasm they showed during the interviews. The EBF Board does not select based on nationality, therefore international and domestic students stand an equal chance of being accepted as an Active Member.

The EBF International Ambassador is both an international student and an Active Member. Therefore, he or she currently has a lot of knowledge about the EBF, but faced the same questions you face today when he/she started as a student at the FEB. This year’s international ambassador is Hanna Berretz. Hanna is there for you to answer all your questions about the EBF in general, Active Membership, or about specific events and activities. Do not hesitate to approach Hanna with your questions. You can contact her via

International Ambassador