Introduction Committee Recruitment

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Every year the EBF Introduction Weekend takes place for all new first year FEB students. Together with your committee members you organise an amazing three day weekend, to introduce and familiarise the first years with the EBF and with each other. Fun, interactive activities, a management game and great parties with a theme will contribute to a great weekend. This weekend needs some serious preparation, since around 400 people will join the weekend!

Internationals are welcome to apply

 In the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to be part of the EBF Introduction Committee 2016. The Introduction Weekend is an event for the freshmen of the study year to come in contact with the EBF and each other to have a fantastic kickoff of their study career! This year we went to the German island of Borkum to play fun games, socialize a lot and the most important thing of course, to party!
To guarantee that the weekend will be great, we as Introduction Committee had to prepare a lot of different things. My position in the committee was treasurer/logistics, so I had to make sure that we didn’t spend too much money and make sure that all the bills were paid.
I applied for this committee because I wanted to do something besides my study. Applying for this committee was something I never regret. You have to organize an amazing weekend for almost 400 people and make sure they have a great time. Hearing all the positive reactions after the hard work we’ve done with the committee was so great and we’re still proud of what we achieved! I learned a lot of practical knowledge of how to organize an event because we had to arrange the transportation, accommodation, activities at the weekend itself, the promotion of the event and getting enough sponsors. This is of course a lot different than the theoretical knowledge you learn during your study and that is exact the most fun thing of organizing an event like this!N05A3065b

 Become the new Introduction Committee of the EBF is something I really can recommend! It’s a great opportunity to develop yourself next to your study and make new friends within the EBF. The EBf is therefore a great combination of fun and learning!

– Joost van Greunsven, Treasurer Introduction Weekend 2016

– Has a supporting and facilitating role,
– Is responsible for general coordination,
– Is responsible for teambuilding/bonding.

Treasurer/Logistics I
– Is responsible for the budget,
– Is responsible for the day organisation during the weekend

Commercial Relations
– Is responsible for the contact with companies in the city

PR/Camp Coordinator I
– Is responsible for the promotion of the event,
– Is responsible for the day activities.

Secretary/Camp Coordinator II
– Is responsible for the registrations,
– Is responsible for the day activities.

This committee has an average workload of 8-10 hours per week. In the summer you will be very busy with the preparations.

The Introductionweekend is usually the first weekend of September.