Being in the EBF Board, IBR & Recruitment Days. What are the differences?

Many students join an EBF committee each year. Being in one is more than being only a member of the team, and this has made it a unique experience, especially in terms of skill development networking. You can also take being active at the EBF to the next step: working (almost) full-time at the EBF in the EBF Board, the…


EBF & ING Present: An unique insight at the Main Partner of the EBF

In this episode of EBF Vlogs you will meet the second Main Partner of the EBF: ING! This episode will be about all the traineeships and other opportunities they have to offer! Sit back, relax and watch this vlog to prepare yourself for your future career and discover your possibilities at ING!…


Innovating in sustainability

Before, commercial enterprises might have been happy with a lack of environmental regulation. However, with more and more human-caused natural disasters of various sizes and effect, this has changed. Consequently, businesses are now increasingly focusing on innovating with renewables and sustainable operations. Lou Leonard, the Senior Vice-President of Climate Change and Energy at WWF, explained that corporations are starting to…


EBF & EY Present: The first EBF Vlog!

EBF & EY Proudly present the first EBF Vlog! The EBF Vlog is an initiative to enable you to get to know what it is like to work at our partners. In this episode you will meet one of our Main Partners, EY! The recruiter and some consultants will tell you everything there is to know about working at their…


Artificial Intelligence: the effect on business

Artificial intelligence is the key towards the success in the 21st century. Companies that embrace it are proven to have increasing operational performance, enhanced information flows that contribute to the management’s decision making and to innovation of new services and products. However, one of the most direct influence of AI in business is seen through e-commerce.

Artificial Intelligence in business

A survey…


A strawless future?

Should companies and governments instead of the public be the driver of sustainability? In recent news, one of the largest food and beverage companies has started a global movement. Starbucks has taken the stance to eradicate plastic straws worldwide to contribute to the social movement of the reduction of ocean waste. The effect of social media campaigns, famous celebrities speaking…


World Cup Russia: A spot in the finals for the economy as well?

Author: Jeroen Zuidberg

One life, live it up, ’cause we got one life – A time to get together, forming a team for your country. A time to get together, watching a football match. A time to get together, to feel the love for sports through your veins. With the finals of the world cup in Russia just behind us, the economy has…


Dutch vacation rates growing faster than ever

Author: Max Kanne

Summer break is finally here for most people, and that means that you might be preparing for a few days away from home. A vacation to get that real feeling of not having to go to work or school, and to wind down from what has been a stressful year. If you are going on a holiday, you have made…


Getting out of your comfort zone?

Often, when talking about getting out of our comfort zone, the first thing that comes to mind is skydiving or going on great adventures. This, of course, means taking a risk and doing something you’ve never done before. But this extreme image that we have, that we can only go out of our own little bubble by doing these crazy…


Is the bonding of a father and child too costly?

If it is up to the Dutch minister of Social Affairs and Employment, Wouter Koolmees (D66), the duration of the paternity leave in the Netherlands will be increased in the near future. Koolmees tries to implement more days off for fathers after the birth of their child. This comes after his predecessor Lodewijk Asscher (PvdA), already proposed changes in the…


The economy of Trumps America

Author: Max Kanne

Since January last year, Donald J. Trump officially is in office as the president of the United States of America. During the months of his campaign, he made many bolt promises, especially regarding the economy. He promised, for example, to protect the true American products by raising tariffs for countries that try to offer products cheaper than America can. Another…


Sick of being bored?

A burn-out is a term you’ve probably heard a lot about already. It’s getting more and more attention over the last few years, which makes it a lot easier for people to detect it. However a term we bet you’ve never heard of before, is a bore-out. A bore-out is basically a psychological disorder caused by boredom (a lot of…


The Euro faces its greatest threat yet.

Author: Max Kanne

Trouble is brewing for the EU, Italy appeared for a while to be the next country to step out of the Euro and return to their own currency. It was hard to miss lately; the papers and news were filled with the political crisis Italy finds itself in right now. People demonstrate in the streets and the parliament is in…


When will strikes in Dutch public transport come to an end?

Undoubtedly, we are all aware of the fact that on Monday, April 30 and Tuesday, May 1, hardly any busses and trains drove in and around Groningen. Arriva and Qbuzz announced a strike and many travellers could not arrive at their destination. Drivers laid down the work because, in their opinion, the work pressure is too high. They would run…


AI, you name it, we can do it.

Google has taken itself to next level of technology. It has recently developed a new feature on Google Assistant where it can arrange human-like calls for you. They showed examples of appointments and reservations arranged by Google Assistant which interestingly sounded like a normal person with no indication of being robotic. The development of artificial intelligence has been slowly integrating…


Why doing good is also good for you.


In this busy world, with our busy lives, it’s easy to forget about things like volunteering or find the time to get around to it. However, volunteering for a good cause or organisation has more benefits to you, your family and entire community then you might think. …


Get to know the new board: Anne & Thijs

During the monthly EBF Social, the new board for the year 2018-2019 was announced and these eight people are very excited to start this summer with their huge project. In the bright sun, outside of the Duisenberg Building, we spoke with two of them; the candidate chairman Anne Veenhuyzen (22) and the candidate it & marketing officer Thijs ten Cate…


The world cup, what it can do for your country

This coming summer, the season of football will return. The Federation ‘Internationale de Football Association,’ popularly known as the FIFA World Cup will commence on the 4th of June. Sadly, this year The Netherlands has not been qualified in the World Cup, but other than that, the championship has made a great impact on people’s lives, connecting cultures of various…


How to solve the food problem in the world?


In 2017 the Rabobank introduced ‘Banking for food’. This new idea basically is the vision of the Rabobank on food security and what role the bank has in it. The security of food supply is something that affects us all. Entrepreneurs in agriculture and large food chains have to produce more food with less land and raw materials. …


Facebook: to quit or not to quit?

You have probably noticed it: #DeleteFacebook was a trending topic on Twitter some weeks ago. Facebook received a lot of criticism, regarding its role in the American elections last year and the referendum on the Brexit in 2016. Twice, it misused the enormous bulk of data it possesses to select people with a certain ideology. We all perceive Facebook as…


The kick that started it all

Author: Max Kanne

It is now considered to be one of the most effective forms of crowd funding, a way to get the starting capital you need when banks deny you a loan because they have no faith in your idea. The website called Kickstarter has been ever growing in popularity ever since it was first introduced in 2009. The company’s growth goes…


The recent evolution of influencers

His last name is kept secret and so is his residence. He made 11 million dollars last year and was thereby ranked 8th on the Forbes list of best-paid Youtubers of 2017 (Forbes; 2018). Other figures found on his account are 12.7 million subscribers, 1.1 billion views on his most viewed video and 19.8 billion views in total on that…


Good things don’t come to those who wait

Have you ever sat on your couch, thinking about all the stuff you needed to do that day, such as calling your dentist or finishing that assignment, and thinking: ‘Oh, one episode on Netflix won’t hurt’, or ‘nope, just not feeling it today’ or ‘now is not the right time’. Well, let us tell you a secret, it doesn’t have…


Meet the EBF Committees

Working together is one of the most important aspects of forming a group. However, what is the key to creating the best atmosphere for collaboration? According to Henry Ford, ‘working together is success’. Together with the committees of the Economics and Business Faculty Study Association, the EBF,  we show in this article that working together and having fun is important…


Come on Board through the eyes of Jochem!

Author: Jochem Lubsen

“Come on Board!” is perhaps the single best advice I can give to any enthusiastic student who is eager to learn and willing to unlock his or her potential. A board year at the EBF brings you responsibilities that you would normally only have to carry much later on in your career. Moreover, an EBF Board year will bring you…


Swapfiets: The company with the blue front wheel

They are seen everywhere in the city centre of Groningen, all the blue front wheels. Everyone seems to know at least one person who rides one. We mean, of course, the company ‘Swapfiets’ that now provides bikes in over 10 city centres in the Netherlands, of which Groningen is one of them. The company experienced incredible growth over a very…


The city as as brand!

When you arrive at Schiphol Airport or when you visit Amsterdam, you probably encounter it: the I Amsterdam sign. With the slogan being sold on thousands of tourist products and the urban sculpture on the Museumplein being one of the most photographed spots in Amsterdam, we cannot picture the city without its slogan anymore. However, Amsterdam is not the only…


Let’s work with our hands more often


It’s probably a question you’ve heard quite a few times over the years: ‘What do you want to do when you grow up?’. Such a simple question, but it seems like the answer is ever changing. When I asked my little brother of five years old this morning, he said he wanted to become a police officer. I wanted to…


New year, New me

Every year it’s the same old story: New year, new me. Everybody has them, but does everybody keep them? We’re talking about New Year’s Resolutions. With already one month of the new year in the past, we can take a look at the result of the society’s New Year’s Resolutions. Eating healthier, working out more, quit smoking…. People often fail…


The most valuable hype of 2017

When you think of the year 2017, events like the first full year of America’s new president Donald Trump, the conflicts in Spain and the new cabinet in the Netherlands may jump to mind or you might think of the year in which the world’s economy was making great steps towards recovering from the recent economic crisis. However, if you…


Airbnb as the New Travel Agency

The internet is filled with pictures of bucket-list travel places you wish to visit. When you open Instagram or Facebook, you continue to see the most beautiful places and you cannot wait to hop on the internet, book a vacation and travel. With the rise of the internet, planning and booking a trip has never been easier. Whereas back in…


We love Sales!

Before starting, we would like to give you two options. Firstly, a package of soup with beautiful colours on it, which is clearly discounted from $2,00 to $1,36. Secondly, you can choose a white, boring package of the same kind of soup, however, priced $1,35. What choice would you make? Furthermore, assuming that we discuss the same product, what would…


Christmas Time, Business Time

Happy families, beautifully decorated houses, and delicious dinners. What is on your wishlist this year? With Christmas around the corner, it’s almost the most beautiful time of the year again. Christmas hits are already played everywhere and hopefully the snow will come soon. There is nothing better than a white, shiny Christmas. Everyone is celebrating Christmas their own way. Most…


Robot as Fellow Citizens

When you think of a robot, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a walking machine that sort of looks like a human being, which is made out of steel and has the unmistakable programmed voice. Although these robots are great to see in movies, scientists have come a long way since these ‘old’, walking things of aluminum.…


How Netflix is changing the Entertainment Industry.

Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, and Narcos. Sounds familiar? Chances are that either you or your friends have a Netflix account. These series are all Netflix Originals and pretty successful. Where a couple of years ago almost nobody knew what Netflix was, it is now an essential part of our home entertainment platforms. However, more and more top…


From Bricks to Clicks?

When you walk through the city center of Groningen at the end of the year, you will see big and colorful lightings, you will hear Christmas music and you will see many other decorations in and around the shops. Who would not like that? First up, Saint Nicholas, followed by three weeks leading up to Christmas. Mainly during the weekends…


From The Recruitment Days to Pon!


From the 11th until the 13th of December, the 24th edition of the Recruitment Days takes place. Here more than 500 students will be able to meet, match, and connect with around 40 companies. There are multiple activities, such as challenging business cases, presentations, business lunches, networking socials and many more things. Sign up until the 20th of November, 23.59…


The right time to start investing

At the end of 2014, the Dutch government agreed to end the ‘studiefinanciering’ for all the students and introduced the ‘leenstelsel’ (loan system). Students can decide for themselves how much money they want to borrow every month up to €1034,85. They need to amortize the money within 35 years, with a low interest rate. This is a long payback period,…


The Broke Student


A lot has changed over the years, when it comes to student loans and contributions to studying in the Netherlands. At the end of 2014, the Dutch government agreed to make an end to the ‘studiefinanciering’, which means that the students nowadays need to borrow all of the required money. The money that is going to be saved, by switching…


Interview Kim Liebregts, CEO Tesla Benelux

On the 5th and 6th of October, the ninth edition of the EBF Conference takes place. It is the largest economic and business conference of the Netherlands and attracts about 600 participants each year. This year’s theme is ‘Managing Earth Inc. :The Leaders of Tomorrow.


Does every city need a Guggenheim Museum?

Twenty years ago, the Guggenheim museum was established in Bilbao (Spain), what resulted into the so-called Bilbao effect. The city’s economy changed drastically leaving positive footprints.…


The Effects of the French Election on the Economic Environment

Sunday, May 7th, former investment banker and France’s economy minister Emmanuel Macron of the centrist En Marche! party was elected France’s new president. …


The way Uganda handles refugees

In Europe, we are currently dealing with a great number of refugees.…


Google datacenter Eemshaven

Google Datacenter Eemshaven – General information

Last year, on the 6th of December, Google opened a new datacenter at the Eemshaven in Groningen, …


The opportunity to study abroad.

Why everyone should take the chance to study abroad


Challenge yourself with AIESEC

Within our faculty many students are performing great and interesting activities, from the Honours College to starting an own business. …


International Ambassador

Last week, we interviewed the two International Ambassadors of the EBF, the former International Ambassador Caroline Krinner and the current International Ambassador Syarifa Diandrina.…


Unlock your potential

Today is the deadline of the EBF Board Recruitment 2017-2018, we, Saskia and Lauri interviewed Tijmen and Annabelle the Vice-Chairman and the IT & Marketing Officer of the current board. We hope to give you some insight in a Board year at the EBF.…


Jeroen Dijsselbloem at the EBF Leadership Panel

The EBF has a history of hosting events with impressive, but most of all interesting, speakers. The last EBF Leadership panel was no exception. …


Interview Marcia Snijder, Channel Manager at AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel Masterclass 2017
Upcoming May 8 & 9, the AkzoNobel Masterclass 2017 is being held. The masterclass is meant for master students who are approaching their graduation. The deadline for applying is April 2.


The Blockchain

Author: Vlad Tașcă

The advent of the internet marked a complete paradigm shift from previous methods of commerce and revolutionized not only marketplaces but entire business systems, as well as the ways in which trade is conducted. The ease of use and accessibility of information in the 21st century has led to changes such as the disintermediation of distributors and wholesalers in favor…


Gifts – Value adding or a loss

Author: Vlad Tașcă

Giving gifts, whether it is to family members during the holiday season, to friends on their birthdays or to a loved one as a sign of affection, is a long standing and well-loved tradition. …


Is OPEC actually as powerful as it seems?

OPEC, often perceived as one of the world’s most powerful institutions, is experiencing a ‘historic move’ according to OPEC president Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada.


The Recruitment Days: an insider’s perspective.

Recruitment Days
An Interview with Roelof Takens by Annemiek Jutten en Bryan Lubben

What is your role in the Recruitment Days committee?
My role in this committee, together with one my fellow committee members,…


Insights of Nick Jue, CEO of ING during the Leadership Panel

“We want to stay an elephant, but we want to be as flexible as a greyhound.” (Nick Jue, CEO ING)

On Wednesday the 7th of December, Nick Jue, CEO of ING Netherlands, visited our faculty to give a presentation on the reorganization of ING for the leadership panel. …


Happy New Year with a new EBF Journal

Author: Thijs ten Cate

A new chapter for the EBF Journal

New Year’s resolutions: we all have them! Each year, we promise ourselves to improve certain aspects of our lives in the year that lies ahead. …