Marketing Committee

Eline van Doorn – Chairman
Hoda Sheikzadeh – Writer/Photo
Shafira Risa Amalina – Writer/Photo
Jamaal Fazli – Writer/Photo
Izzabelle Ballouz – Writer/Photo
Dimas Baskara – Film Producer/Photo
Max Bezemer – Film Producer/Photo
Zeb Bulthuis – Film Producer/Photo

More information

The Marketing Committee is the creative brain of the EBF. The Marketing Committee takes pictures and videos at all events and supports other committees with promoting their event. The EBF offers courses to all PR-Officers whereby you will learn to work with InDesign, Photoshop and Premier Pro. Besides this, you will be trained to take pictures and videos.

Within this committee you will meet many other active members, as the Marketing Committee is present at all the EBF Activities to capture everything. It provides you an opportunity to develop your creative talents and meet many fellow students.

* Experience is not necessarily required, affinity with promotion is important.

Internationals are welcome to apply

– Has a supporting and facilitating role.
– Is responsible for general coordination.
– Support the photo/writers and filmproducers.

Photo/writer 4x
– Make photo’s at every event.
– Write articles for the EBF Journal.

Filmproducer 3x
– Shoot movies at important events.
– Support other committees with making movies.

This committee requires around 5-10 hours a week.

This committee lasts the whole year. Half of the committee changes halfway through the year, in order to transfer and preserve the marketing oriented knowledge.