MC Change

MC Change
We are the Master Community Change Management. Our goal is to bridge the gap between students and business, by organizing several formal events like inhouse days, guest lectures and workshops. On top of that we organize informal events to create a strong community feeling and to support each other in our professional development. However, we also love to socialize together!

Added value for students
The MC Change creates the opportunity to share information with your fellow students, such as summaries, to have fabulous parties and to get to know each other. These activities make your master more fun. We also give you the opportunity to get into contact with interesting companies. This gives you a deeper understanding of the different work fields and prepares you for your future career. Besides, both formal and informal activities expand your network. As you can see, there are many reasons to join the MC!

Added value for companies
Are you interested in organizing an event in collaboration with the MC Change? The MC Change creates the opportunity for companies to reach a large group of motivated master students of Change Management. It is an interesting way to brand your company and make students familiar with the day-to-day business. On top of that, it is possible to select students based on their resume. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the top students of our master. Possible activities to organize are inhouse days, workshops, cases and trainings. If you have other ideas, please surprise us!


Get in touch!

Do you want to get in touch with us? Please send an email to, or contact us by phone + 316 38 54 29 28 (Thijs Van de Woestijne, chairman). Besides, you can find us on LinkedIn and Facebook !

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Master Community Change Committee ’17-‘18
Thijs van de Woestijne Chairman
Vojta Doubek   Treasurer & PR
Sander van de Slunt External Relations & Acquisition
Lois Greving  External Relations & Acquisition
Marjolijn Bruggeman  Internal Relations & Ambassador

(Upcoming) Activities '17-'18

23rd of February: MagnusRed Business Case

@ Zernike; More info at

Examples of previous activities

11th of November 2015 – Beginning of the Year Master Party

17th of December 2015 - MC Change Christmas Diner

10th of February 2016 - MC Pubquiz @ Het Heerenhuis (20:00)

1st of March - Seminar Concogent @ Careers Company (16:00-17:30)

Inhouse Day @ Shell

8th Of March 2017: Alumni Event