Welcome to the Master Community Human Resource Management!

The Master Community HRM committee organizes several formal and informal events for the HRM students of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen throughout the Academic year in order to bridge the gap between the HRM study material and HRM practise.

The formal events are organized for the HRM students to provide them with both practical and theoretical knowledge regarding specific HRM areas. This will guide them during their studies and in their future careers. Formal events include the Introduction Day, workshops, HRM Career Day and guest lectures.

The Master Community HRM also organizes informal events for its students in order to relax and enjoy the student life in Groningen together with their fellow HRM students. Informal events include socials, pub quizes, the Master Beginning of the Year Party and going to the EBF-JFV Christmas Ball.

Also, the Master Community offers their students support throughout their studies, via our platform we help students with all their questions regarding courses and provide summaries for some of the courses.


More information?

If you have any questions about the Master Community Human Resource Management, do not hesitate to send an email to: You can also find us on Facebook

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Master Community HRM Committee ’16-‘17
Sanne Dellemijn Chairman
Chantal Zwarg PR
Marijn van Aalst


Leonie Weh

Mellany Zeegers

Commercial Relations

Commercial Relations

Upcoming Activities '16-'17

22d of June: (pre-) Master End Party

@ 9e cirkel

Previous Activities '15-'16

31st of August – Introduction Day

11th of November - HRM Social - Pre-party

11th of November - Master Beginning of the Year Party

20th of November - MSc HRM Career Day

2nd of February - HRM Social

10th of February - The Pubquiz Battle