The MC IE&B is looking for a new committee member (Commercial Relations) from February onwards!

About Master Community IE&B

During your time as student of the Master International Economics and Business, you will learn about the different forms of investment possibilities, the threats European banks face when there is a crisis in the USA, the difference between Post-Keynesians, New-Keynesians, and Austrian economics, the conflicting beliefs on the cause of the 2008 crisis, and many other interesting topics.

As Master Community, it is our task to complement this knowledge with additional formal and informal activities. These activities range from regular meet-ups in the city for some food and drinks, to trips to the European Commission and the KPMG office in Brussels. Next to the colloquial drinks, the bonding of students, and the interesting field trips, our focus primarily lies with presenting the student with a glimpse of what their future work-life might look like through in-house days, work-shops, and guest lectures.

Interested in tapping into this group of students? The Master Community provides the opportunity for organizations to get into contact with a large group of future employees, specialized in translating macro-economic events and international economic changes to specific business policies. Hosting off-site events or providing case-studies at the University of Groningen creates an edge over other interested employers, and provides the opportunity to bind high-achieving students to your company.

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You can also apply for this Master Community when you are doing a Double Degree!

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