The MC SB&E is looking for new members from February onwards!

Master Community Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Our aim is to connect students with alumni, lecturers, prospective employers and peer Master students. The Master Community tries to fulfill this task by organizing both formal and informal activities throughout the year. The community currently consists of four members, who are working together to provide you with the possibilities to build long-lasting friendships and connections to further develop your career!

Value for students
The MC SB&E gives you the opportunity to get into contact with interesting companies and to get a deeper understanding of your potential work field. Furthermore, we create the opportunity to socialize with fellow students to build friendships and make your master more fun! Both the formal and informal activities are the perfect way to expand your network.

Value for companies
The MC SB&E creates the opportunity for companies to reach a group of motivated master students. It is a great way to meet potential new employees, brand your company or put a group of students to work on a challenge you are facing in your company. There are several activities that can be organized, such as in-house days, workshops and cases. However, we are open to any other ideas!

Positions open in February: Commercial Relations, PR/Logistics, and Treasurer.

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To stay connected with former Small Business & Entrepreneur students we created a platform to stay connected. Here, we’ll share information about Alumni socials and other events that will be organised in association with alumni. Click here to sign up for the LinkedIn page.

MC Small Business & Entrepreneurship 2017/2018

Fokelien Oosterhuis  Chairman
Alexandru Iovanescu  Vice Chairman
Majdouline Karmane  Treasurer
Do Thi Van Anh  PR & Logistics
Emma Schoenmakers  Commercial Relations