Welcome to the Master Community Strategic Innovation Management!

The Master Community SIM organises several formal and informal events for the Master SIM students of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen throughout the Academic year, in order to bridge the gap between the SIM study material and SIM in practice.

The formal events are organized for the Master students to provide them with both practical and theoretical knowledge regarding SIM areas. This will guide them during their studies and in their future careers.

Next to organising formal events, the Master Community SIM also organises many informal events. Those events are organised for SIM students to relax, enjoy the student life in Groningen and to get to know other SIM students!

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Richard Groenewegen Chairman
Is it gonna be you? PR
Demi Duursma Treasurer
Sylvain Swaen

Mark Smit


Jan de Jong

Commercial Relations I

Commercial Relations II

Social events