National Trip

National Trip 2017


Are you an international student and curious what the Dutch business culture includes? The EBF organises this year a brand new event to give you a good overview of the Dutch business culture. This one day event includes a workshop and a visit to Friesland Campina Leeuwarden. Besides that, we will have a look in the city of Leewarden.

Elements of the workshop will be what the Dutch culture includes, how you can deal with culutral differences, and how you can work together in a multicultural environment.

After the workshop we will visit Leeuwarden where will have a look in the citycentre. Besides that we will visit Frieland Campina in Leeuwarden where we will find out what their corporate culture is and how it is changed during the proces of changing from local company to a world wide business.

The National Trip will take place the 15th of December and will start between 09:00 and 10:00.

Lunch and diner are included and participating is for free!