The EBF Shop will open again after the summer break! Enjoy the summer!

Want the best support to study for your exam?

At the EBF Shop you can buy summaries for courses of the Faculty of Economics and Business. The EBF Shop is situated in the Duisenberg Building opposite to the reception. The EBF Shop is open every day from 12.30h till 13.30h. The EBF Summaries are offered to you in cooperation with JoHo. As  EBF and JoHo member you only pay  €4,00 per summary.  

A JoHo summary offers you  insight into the major and minor issues of the compulsory course material. It helps you to study faster and more effectively, by providing a clear overview of all the material. 


Do you have any questions or complaints about the summaries please send an e-mail to  

Here you can find the EBF Shop

Available Summaries

International Business:
- International business environment (Booksummary)
- Management accounting (Booksummary)
- Statistics (Booksummary)
- Statistics (Bullet points/Practice bundle)
- International business environment
- Managerial accounting
- Business research methods

Business Administration:
- Management accounting (Booksummary)
- Management accounting (Practice material)
- Management accounting (Bulletpoints)
- Financial accounting (Booksummary)
- Financial accounting (Bulletpoints & Practice)
- Informatiemanagement (Booksummary)
- Informatiemanagement (Practice questions)

More will follow soon!


International Business:
- Ethics and international business (Booksummary)
- Information Systems Today (Booksummary)
- Qualitative research methods (Booksummary)
- Quantitave research methods (Booksummary)
- Quantitave research methods (Bulletpoints + practice questions)

Business Administration:
- Human Resource management (Booksummary)
- Legal Aspects (Booksummary)
- Design methodology (Booksummary)
- Operations management (Practice questions + material + notes)
- Strategic management (Booksummary case, text and practice materials)


International Business:
- no summaries available at the moment

Business Administration:
- Ethics in business and management (Booksummary)
- Corporate law (Booksummary)

- Intermediate Asset Pricing 2



- Organizational Theory, Design and Change (Booksummary)