Women in Business Recruitment

The Women in Business Event will this year be organized for the second time. The committee will organise the second Women in Business event which will take place in March. The goal of the event is to bring female students into contact with companies, as well as inspiring them. As a committee, you will organize this whole day, so all the logistics, a female speaker, an informal workshop and contacting the participating companies.

– Has a supporting and facilitating role,
– Is responsible for general coordination,
– Is responsible for teambuilding/bonding.

– Is responsible for the budget,
– Is responsible for managing the day,
– Is responsible for arranging an informal workshop.

– Is responsible for arranging an inspiring female speakers,
– Is responsible for the contact with these female speakers.

Commercial relations
– Is responsible for arranging the companies,
– Is responsible for the contact with the companies.

– Is responsible for the promotion of the events,
– Is responsible for designing posters and flyers,
– Is responsible for the registrations and all communication towards participants.

The workload for this committee is around 5 hours a week. When the event approaches, it may take some hours per week extra.

The committee will start in September and will last approximately half a year (until March).